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daze - Daze is a tool to help you link to the Internet.

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Daze is a tool to help you link to the Internet. Daze forces any TCP/UDP connection to follow through proxy like SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy. It can be simply used in browser, take Firefox as an example: Open Connection Settings -> Manual proxy configuration -> SOCKSv5 Host= and Port=51959.

node-socks-proxy-agent - A SOCKS (v4a) proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP and HTTPS

  •    Javascript

This module provides an http.Agent implementation that connects to a specified SOCKS proxy server, and can be used with the built-in http or https modules.It can also be used in conjunction with the ws module to establish a WebSocket connection over a SOCKS proxy. See the "Examples" section below.

proxysocket - SOCKS5 proxy for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

proxysocket is a nodejs module for seamlessly making socket connections via a SOCKS5 proxy. Use it in place of a regular net.Socket to easily talk over Tor or an SSH tunnel. You can also download a release manually and extract it as proxysocket has no dependencies.

goproxy - a proxy with go

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supports http,socks4/5 at the same time. then you can set your proxy address <localhost or remote ip>:8090 on your browser or something that support socks4/5 or http proxy.

Prox5 - 🧮 SOCKS5/4/4a 🌾 validating proxy pool for 🤽 LOLXDsoRANDum connections 🎋

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This package is for managing and accessing thousands upon thousands of arbitrary SOCKS proxies. It also has a SOCKS5 server that dials out from ????? Every time you ?????.

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