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primus - :zap: Primus, the creator god of the transformers & an abstraction layer for real-time to prevent module lock-in

  •    Javascript

Primus, the creator god of transformers but now also known as universal wrapper for real-time frameworks. There are a lot of real-time frameworks available for Node.js and they all have different opinions on how real-time should be done. Primus provides a common low level interface to communicate in real-time using various real-time frameworks.If you deploy your application behind a reverse proxy (Nginx, HAProxy, etc.) you might need to add WebSocket specific settings to its configuration files. If you intend to use WebSockets, please ensure that these settings have been added. There are some example configuration files available in the observing/balancerbattle repository.

vertx-web - HTTP web applications for Vert.x

  •    Java

Vert.x-Web is a set of building blocks for building web applications with Vert.x. Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife for building modern, scalable, web apps. Template engine implementations are in the template engine sub-project.

centrifuge-js - Javascript client to communicate with Centrifugo from web browser over Websockets or SockJS

  •    Javascript

If you want to contribute, install dependencies and run gulp command from root repo folder - this results in creating build file in build directory.After work done you can build unminified (centrifuge.js) and minified (centrifuge.min.js) bundles on top repo level using npm run build command.

sockjs - SockJS Server

  •    Python

aiosockjs is a SockJS server based on aiohttp PEP 3156 asyncio module.aiosockjs is a SockJS integration for aiohttp. SockJS interface is implemented as a aiohttp route. Its possible to create any number of different sockjs routes, ie `/sockjs/* or /mycustom-sockjs/*. You can provide different session implementation and management for each sockjs route.

websocket-multiplex - A thin library for doing multiplexing on top of SockJS

  •    Javascript

WebSocket-multiplex is a small library on top of SockJS that allows you to do multiplexing over a single SockJS connection.For a full-featured example see the /examples/sockjs directory.

sockjs-client-node - SockJS client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

This project has been deprecated in favor of the official SockJS-client which now works seamlessly across Node.js and browser environments.This is a small wrapper around the sockjs-client framework that was designed for browsers. It wraps it in a jsdom environment and adds some WebSocket magic to make it go fast.

shoe-bin - binary-safe streaming sockjs for node and the browser

  •    Javascript

This package is like shoe, but it encodes and decodes data as base64 to be binary safe.The API is exactly the same as shoe.

messaging-polyglot - RabbitMQ Messaging Polyglot with Java, ColdFusion, CommandBox, Groovy and more

  •    ColdFusion

Invoke the sbin/rabbitmq-server shell script. You can also start the server in detached mode with rabbitmq-server -detached, in which case the server process runs in the background.

elm-expressway - Scaffolding for multi-user Elm applications via Gulp, Express, and SockJS.

  •    Javascript

Start your application: ./node_modules/.bin/gulp. It is recommended to add this as the start script in your package.json.

chuckt-node - Node server library for ChuckT events over SockJS websocket API.

  •    Javascript

ChuckT is an event transport system built on the SockJS websocket API. This module is the server-side implementation of ChuckT and is designed to complement the client-side ChuckT JavaScript library.

vertx-eventbus-client - vert.x eventbus client for node.js

  •    Javascript

This is a vert.x 2.1 eventbus client library for node.js.

primus-emitter - Simple emitter wrapper for Primus

  •    Javascript

Node.JS module that adds emitter capabilities to Primus. Send an event from server to client or from client to server.

primus-resource - Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely using Primus

  •    Javascript

Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely on top of Primus. This plugin depends on primus-multiplex and primus-emitter however if you disable multiplexing then you can omit installing primus-multiplex. Method on an object prototype in the form of on + method, like onupdate will be automatically binded as an event on all incoming sparks, then the event can be called remotely by the client by just invoking the method name without the on like update.

primus-rooms - Node Plugin for adding rooms functionality to Primus

  •    Javascript

Node.JS module that adds room capabilities to a Primus server. All clients that joined rooms user:*, user:*:*, user:*:*:123 should receive the hello message.


  •    Javascript

Primus.IO combines the core Primus with primus-rooms, primus-emitter and primus-multiplex plugins to provide an easy and still powerfull way of developing real time applications. For more details on options or additional methods please check each individual module README file and test cases.

sockjs-cyclone - SockJS server support for the Cyclone web server

  •    Python

SockJS-cyclone is a pure Python server implementation for the SockJS client library running on the Cyclone web server. SockJS-cyclone is released under the MIT license.

jscent - Node.js client to interact with Centrifugo HTTP API

  •    Javascript

You need to be running Node.js 0.8+ to use this library. All operational errors are wrapped into a Client.RequestError object.

sockjs - SockJS server for rust language

  •    Rust

SockJS server for for Actix framework. Actix SockJS is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

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