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kache - A simple in memory cache written using go

  •    Go

kache aims to develop a redis compatible in memory db with golang. Currently kache is powered up with RESP Protocol. kache also supports simple text protocol so you can issue commands to kache using netcat or telnet as you please. kache has powered with many features managing a simple codebase with golang. kache is a compiled program, download the one for your platform and extract the package to a directory you wish.

sockerl - Sockerl is an advanced Erlang/Elixir socket framework for TCP protocols and provides fast, useful and easy-to-use API for implementing servers, clients and client connection pools

  •    Erlang

Sockerl is an advanced Erlang/Elixir socket library for TCP protocols and provides fast, useful and easy-to-use API for implementing server, clients and connection pools. In server, client and client pool implementation every connection has its own process and Sockerl provides useful and simple API for accessing them and sending data through them or sending Erlang message to them, closing them etc.

python-mocket - a socket mock framework - for all kinds of socket animals, web-clients included

  •    Python

Star the project on GitHub, Buy Me a Coffee or, even better, contribute with patches or documentation. When opening an Issue, please add few lines of code as failing test, or -better- open its relative Pull request adding this test to our test suite.

net-peercredlistener - A net

  •    Go

Package peercredlistener is deprecated in favor of toolman.org/net/peercred. ErrAddrInUse is a convenience wrapper around the Posix errno value for EADDRINUSE. Deprecated: Use package toolman.org/net/peercred instead.

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