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anevicon - :fire: A high-performant UDP-based load generator, written in Rust

  •    Rust

An open-source, high-performant traffic generator, designed to be as convenient and reliable as it is possible. It generates numerous UDP packets which lets you test your server against the abnormaly high activity. Linux-accelerated. Anevicon communicates with a Linux kernel by a few specific system calls to reduce the CPU load significantly. However, it makes the program platform-dependent.

finshir - :dizzy: An asynchronous Low & Slow traffic generator, written in Rust

  •    Rust

You are seeing an ergonomic, asynchronous, and fully customisable implementation of Low & Slow load generator designed for real-world pentesting. It can be completely undetectable by torifying all the connections. Asynchronous. Finshir uses the Tokio runtime for asynchronous I/O to reduce the CPU load significantly and make the program portable between multiple platforms (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, and other).

sockerl - Sockerl is an advanced Erlang/Elixir socket framework for TCP protocols and provides fast, useful and easy-to-use API for implementing servers, clients and client connection pools

  •    Erlang

Sockerl is an advanced Erlang/Elixir socket library for TCP protocols and provides fast, useful and easy-to-use API for implementing server, clients and connection pools. In server, client and client pool implementation every connection has its own process and Sockerl provides useful and simple API for accessing them and sending data through them or sending Erlang message to them, closing them etc.

python-mocket - a socket mock framework - for all kinds of socket animals, web-clients included

  •    Python

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