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hybridauth - Open source social sign on PHP Library

  •    PHP

Hybridauth enables developers to easily build social applications and tools to engage websites visitors and customers on a social level that starts off with social sign-in and extends to social sharing, users profiles, friends lists, activities streams, status updates and more. The main goal of Hybridauth is to act as an abstract API between your application and the various social networks APIs and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

social-relay - Public post relay for the Diaspora federated social network protocol

  •    Python

Application to act as a relay for public posts using the Diaspora protocol. Keeps track of nodes and their subscription preferences, receives payloads and forwards the payloads to subscribers. The aim is to pass public posts around in an efficient way so any new node in the network can quickly subscribe to lots of public activity, without having to wait a long time to create social relationships. See relay design concept.

election-watch - 🗳️+👀 A platform to protect elections in a disinformation world.

  •    Jupyter

A platform for monitoring democratic elections and fighting online disinformation. For a full description, please check the work on which Election Watch is based: MSc Thesis, Twitter Watch's paper.

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