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football-cli - ⚽ Command line interface for Hackers who love football

  •    Javascript

Please register on football-data.org to get your API Key. Then run $ football config to add your API Key (use sudo if required). Requests made using API key increases your rate limit from 50 requests per day to 50 requests per minute.

engsoccerdata - English and European soccer results 1871-2017

  •    R

This R package is mainly a repository for complete soccer datasets, along with some built-in functions for analyzing parts of the data. Currently I include three English ones (League data, FA Cup data, Playoff data - described below), several European leagues (Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Scotland, Greece) as well as South Africa and MLS. Free to use for non-commerical use. Compiled by James Curley.

HCC Soccer Project

  •    DotNet

This is the HCC Soccer Project. This project tries to implement the Small Legue Soccer in MRDS.

Club Manager


Club Manager is a web site for managing sport clubs / teams.

angular-footballdata-api-factory - AngularJS Factory for the football-data.org JSON REST API

  •    Javascript

angular-footballdata-api-factory is an angularjs module with a football-data.org api factory.Include dependencies in your HTML.

golazon - football data mnmlist way :soccer: :earth_americas:

  •    Javascript

Football data mnmlist way. No cookies, no tracking scripts, no analytics, no popups, no ads, no subscriptions, no social sharing, no comments, no images. Zero bullshit. Just data.

football-peek - Personal projects [JavaScript - NodeJS]

  •    CSS

Football Peek is the quickest access to football results. It gives you an overview of football results, tables, top scorers and top assists of the major leagues (Bundesliga, Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League and Serie A) and competitions (Champions League and Europa League).

epl_mysql_db - English Premier League MySQL Database

  •    PHP

This is a raw set of imported data from http://www.football-data.co.uk with each Premier League CSV results data file at http://www.football-data.co.uk/englandm.php raw SQL imported using PhpMyAdmin into a separate table, numbered EPL1993-EPL2017 (will need to be updated regularly until the season is over). A table with raw data of all of the combined results from each season 'EPL.SQL' has been created with an ad-hoc script 'csv/goals.php' which was used to process each CSV file to generate some SQL. This script can be modified to do many other things, I'll leave that to you! It basically is used after loading one of the CSV files into phpmyadmin and then renaming the newly created raw sql data table from 'TABLE 99' to EPL2017, and then outputs the SQL to rename the columns from COL1, COL2 etc to their actual column names.

ng2-football-api - :ng: :soccer: Angular 2 & football-data.org API

  •    TypeScript

Simple Angular 2 application using Angular-CLI and football-data.org API.

Soccer.js - :video_game: :soccer: html5 socket based soccer game inspired by haxball

  •    Javascript

:video_game: :soccer: html5 socket based soccer game inspired by haxball

hubot-world-cup-live - :tv: A Hubot plugin that pushes World Cup goals to a chat room

  •    CoffeeScript

A Hubot plugin that pushes World Cup goals to a chat room. Powered by http://worldcup.sfg.io/.