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candy - a tiny and cute social forum based on duoshuo.com

  •    Javascript

a micro forum using duoshuo apis as a backend database

changestream - A stream of changes for MySQL built on Akka

  •    Scala

Changestream sources object-level change events from a MySQL Replication Master (configured for row-based replication) by streaming the MySQL binlog and transforming change events into JSON strings that can be published anywhere. Currently, Amazon Simple Queuing Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service and Amazon S3 are supported with optional client-side message encryption via AES.

node-snsclient - Client for Amazon AWS's SNS service

  •    Javascript

The main SNSClient callback now returns the more accepted Node.js method of function(err, msg). v0.1 sent both the error and message as a single argument. Your client only needs to accept one callback, which accepts an object of the decoded message sent from the SNS topic.

loafer - Asynchronous message dispatcher - Currently using asyncio and amazon SQS

  •    Python

Loafer is an asynchronous message dispatcher for concurrent tasks processing. It requires Python 3.5+ and is very experimental at the moment, expect a lot of changes until the first major version.

afd_zaojiao - 安风德早教平台是一个致力于提高中小幼儿园、早教、托班管理和运营的互联网平台

  •    Javascript


lambda-push-notifications - AWS Lambda-based push notifications.

  •    Javascript

Amazon Web Services Lambda based push notifications. Publish notifications to a single SNS topic and broadcast push notifications to APNS and GCM services from a Lambda function.

aws-sns-publish - Publish messages to AWS SNS

  •    Javascript

If you are running outside AWS Lambda, make sure to install the aws-sdk as well. The SDK is not shipped with this library. Returns a promise for the message id of the published message.

sns-mobile - Push notifications to Android, Kindle, and iOS devices easily using this module.

  •    Javascript

If you were/are using 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 please upgrade to 1.0.2, it fixes a major bug where messages were not sending. Module to make interacting with mobile push notifications for iOS and Android easier. Wraps the Amazon aws-sdk node module. The idea is that you can create an object to represent each Platform Application you plan to use and remove the excess features that aren't needed for Android and iOS applications.


  •    Javascript

This plugin easily subscribes your lambda functions to SNS notifications. If the required SNS-Topics don't exist, they will be created automatically during the deployment.

serverless-offline-sns - A serverless plugin to run an SNS server and call lambdas with events notifications

  •    TypeScript

A serverless plugin to listen to offline SNS and call lambda fns with events. This plugin provides an SNS server configured automatically without you specifying an endpoint.

sherlock-holmes-partying-in-the-jungle - Parses AWS events payloads into a plain JavaScript object

  •    Javascript

Sherlock Holmes Partying in the Jungle parses AWS events like SNS, S3, Kinesis Stream, DynamoDB Stream and returns a plain JavaScript object. Sherlock Holmes Partying in the Jungle is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.