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Gizmo - A Microservice Toolkit from The New York Times

  •    Go

Gizmo Microservice Toolkit toolkit provides packages to put together server and pubsub daemons with the following features like Standardized configuration and logging, Health check endpoints with configurable strategies, Configuration for managing pprof endpoints and log levels, Structured logging containing basic request information, Useful metrics for endpoints, Graceful shutdowns, Basic interfaces to define our expectations and vocabulary and lot more.

candy - a tiny and cute social forum based on duoshuo.com

  •    Javascript

a micro forum using duoshuo apis as a backend database

Symphony - A modern community (forum/BBS/SNS/blog) platform written in Java

  •    Java

Symphony is a modern community platform. It implements a content oriented discussion forum. It includes a social network for users to share, make friends, and play games. It has the ability to aggregate independent bloggers, to build and share quality resources.

misskey - A planet of fediverse ✨🐢🚀✨

  •    Vue

Sophisticated microblogging platform, evolving forever. Easiest way to tell your emotions. Misskey allows you to add various type of reactions to other’s post. The emotional experience on Misskey will never be on other SNSs which only able to push “likes”.



Japanese majer illustration sharing site "Pixiv"'s API Wrapper for .NET. Written with C#.


  •    ASPNET

chsns# is a basic sns web application



Ezsocio is a free and open source social network software which build on .NET platform. We try to develop a flexible web project to connect friends, to share ideas and files and to organize activities at any time. This project will support a very magic .NET technology.

aws-sdk-mock - :rainbow: AWSomocks for Javascript/Node

  •    Javascript

AWSome mocks for Javascript aws-sdk services. This module was created to help test AWS Lambda functions but can be used in any situation where the AWS SDK needs to be mocked.

components-contrib - Community driven, reusable components for distributed apps

  •    Go

The purpose of Components Contrib is to provide open, community driven reusable components for building distributed applications. These components are being used by the Dapr project, but are separate and decoupled from it. Using components developers can interact with bindings, state stores, messaging systems and more without caring about the underlying implementation.


  •    Javascript

The Amazon SNS Message Validator for Node.js library allows you to validate that incoming HTTP(S) POST messages are valid Amazon SNS notifications. This library is standalone and does not depend on the AWS SDK for JavaScript.To validate a message, you can instantiate a MessageValidator object and pass an SNS message and a callback to its validate method. The message should be the result of calling JSON.parse on the body of the HTTP(S) message sent by SNS to your endpoint. The callback should take two arguments, the first being an error and the second being the successfully validated SNS message.

aws-lambda-fanout - A sample AWS Lambda function that accepts messages from an Amazon Kinesis Stream and transfers the messages to another data transport

  •    Javascript

This function answers a need I have had multiple times, where I want to replicate data from an Amazon Kinesis Stream to another account or another region for processing, or to another environment such as development.This AWS Lambda function can be used to propagate incoming messages from Amazon Kinesis Streams or Amazon DynamoDB Streams to other services (Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached and Redis), regions or accounts. This function generates metrics that will be published to Amazon CloudWatch Metrics, in the Custom/FanOut namespace.

cloudwatch-dashboards-cloudformation-sample - A sample project to demonstrate using Cloudformation, how to create and configure CloudWatch metric filters, alarms and a dashboard to monitor an AWS Lambda function

  •    Makefile

This is a sample project called 'CodeBuddy'. This is to demonstrate using Cloudformation, how to create and configure CloudWatch metric filters, alarms and a dashboard to monitor an AWS Lambda function.In order to install this utility into your AWS account and correctly execute the scripts of this project you have to create a new user called codebuddy and give it a programmatic access. For the moment have to attach to this user the IAMFullAccess existing policy. In the step 4 you will create a more fine grained policy and will remove this one.

changestream - A stream of changes for MySQL built on Akka

  •    Scala

Changestream sources object-level change events from a MySQL Replication Master (configured for row-based replication) by streaming the MySQL binlog and transforming change events into JSON strings that can be published anywhere. Currently, Amazon Simple Queuing Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service and Amazon S3 are supported with optional client-side message encryption via AES.

node-snsclient - Client for Amazon AWS's SNS service

  •    Javascript

The main SNSClient callback now returns the more accepted Node.js method of function(err, msg). v0.1 sent both the error and message as a single argument. Your client only needs to accept one callback, which accepts an object of the decoded message sent from the SNS topic.

winston-sns - A Simple Notification System Transport for winston (http://www

  •    CoffeeScript

An Amazon SNS transport for winston. Feel free to file issues in this github tracker, I check it often.

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