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mobile-detect.js - Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

  •    Javascript

A loose port of Mobile-Detect to JavaScript. Another Demo/check (though without any styling) can be found here.

WowPacketParser - World of Warcraft Packet Parser

  •    CSharp

Optionally, WPP can connect to two kinds of MySQL databases: world from TrinityCore and its own database, WPP. This can be enabled by setting <add key="DBEnabled" value="true" /> in the .config file. Remember to set <add key="TargetedDatabase" value="1"/> in accordance with the targeted version of the core. The world database is used when creating SQL files after parsing to produce the mimimum number of changes needed to update the database. For example, if only the faction of a creature that appears in the sniff needs to be updated, the produced SQL files will contain an UPDATE query, instead of a full INSERT to the table creature_template. WPP does not modify this database directly, all the tentative changes will be written to the output SQL files.

stream-interceptor - Intercept, modify and/or ignore chunks data and events in any readable stream

  •    Javascript

Tiny node.js module to intercept, modify and/or ignore chunks of data and events in any readable compatible stream before it's processed by other stream consumers (e.g: via pipe()).It becomes particularly useful to deal with net/http/fs streams.

node-license-sniffer - Detect the license of node.js projects and their dependencies

  •    Javascript

node-license-sniffer is a tool for detecting the license of node packages. It will attempt to read the license from package.json. If it cannot find the license in package.json, it will read LICENSE and similarly named files and attempt to guess the license in use.

esniff - Low footprint JavaScript source code parser

  •    Javascript

Low footprint, fast source code parser, which allows you to find all code fragment occurrences with respect to all syntax rules that cannot be handled with plain regular expression search. It aims at use cases where we don't need full AST tree, but instead we're interested in finding usages of given function, property etc. in syntactically valid code.

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