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Verify - Verify is a snapshot tool that simplifies the assertion of complex data models and documents

  •    CSharp

Verify is a snapshot tool that simplifies the assertion of complex data models and documents. Verify is called on the test result during the assertion phase. It serializes that result and stores it in a file that matches the test name. On the next test execution, the result is again serialized and compared to the existing file. The test will fail if the two snapshots do not match: either the change is unexpected, or the reference snapshot needs to be updated to the new result.

snapshot-diff - Diffing snapshot utility for Jest

  •    Javascript

Diffing snapshot utility for Jest. Takes two values, and return their difference as a string, ready to be snapshotted with toMatchSnapshot(). Especially helpful when testing the difference between different React component states.

snapguidist - Snapshot testing for React Styleguidist

  •    Javascript

Jest Snapshot Testing for React Styleguidist. In v4, snapshots have been renamed to .sg (as opposed to .snap) to avoid conflicts with Jest, and improve compatibility with create-react-app.

phpunit-snapshots - Snapshot testing for PHPUnit

  •    PHP

This trait allows you to use Jest-like snapshot testing in your PHPUnit tests.It is a very basic trait and is only meant to snapshot JSON-encodable structures, not complex objects and such.

testshot - Presentational snapshot testing for React

  •    Javascript

Presentational snapshot testing for React components.

cupaloy - Simple golang snapshot testing

  •    Go

Simple golang snapshot testing: test that your changes don't unexpectedly alter the results of your code.cupaloy takes a snapshot of a given value and compares it to a snapshot committed alongside your tests. If the values don't match then you'll be forced to update the snapshot file before the test passes.

buffer-components - Buffer's shared collection of React UI components 🤜🤛

  •    Javascript

A shared set of UI Components using React and CSS Modules. To use this in your project start at the usage section. If you'd like to add to this library skip to component development.

snapshotter - Snapshot testing for Tape/Enzyme projects

  •    Javascript

Snapshot testing is a compelling feature but sometimes it isn't possible to port large projects to tools like Jest. Snapshotter is designed to work within an existing Tape/Enzyme setup while providing some basic snapshot functionality. Create a snapshots folder (e.g. mkdir test/snapshots) and add it to package.json. If you do not specify a folder, Snapshotter will default to test/snapshots.

snap-shot-it - Smarter snapshot utility for Mocha and BDD test runners + data-driven testing!

  •    Javascript

This tool makes snapshot testing for Mocha (and other BDD) frameworks quick and painless. This module spies on global it function, which allows it to accurately get test information (beating static code parsing done in snap-shot); it should work in transpiled code. This package uses snap-shot-compare to display object and text difference intelligently.

expect-gen - Assertion library for unit testing JS generators

  •    Javascript

As in "expect generator...". An assertion / snapshot library for testing iterators and generators. It was designed for, and works particularly well with, redux-saga but can be used for anything that uses generators. Expect Gen is heading towards v1. The following items still need to go in before then. Please open issues for other v1 requirements you find.

phpunit-snapshot-assertions - A way to test without writing actual test cases

  •    PHP

On the first run, the test runner will create a new snapshot. On subsequent runs, the test will pass as long as the snapshot doesn't change.

scalatest-snapshot-matchers - Scalatest snapshot matchers 🍩

  •    Scala

Tests should not run in fork mode. If they do, prompting for snapshots update won't work and you will have to remove them manually. This is a totally optional step and you should add only if you have issues when prompting for an update.

swift-snapshot-testing - 📸 Tests that save and assert against reference data.

  •    Swift

Automatically record app data into test assertions. Snapshot tests capture the entirety of a data structure and cover far more surface area than a typical unit test. The design of this library has been covered in "Snapshot Testing in Swift".

reg-puppeteer-demo - :performing_arts: Demonstration reg-suit using puppeteer screenshot

  •    HTML

This is a demonstration repository to explain how to introduce visual regression testing into your project. I'm working on a huge SPA(Single Page Application) project as a front-end developer. Day and day we've created a number of components and wrote test codes for them, and we were tired out from writing assertions for DOM to be rendered.

FBSnapshotsViewer - A mac os application that shows the failing snapshot tests from FBSnapshotTestCase

  •    Swift

A macOs application that shows the failing snapshot tests from FBSnapshotTestCase because it's a pain to parse the console logs by myself. I've been using an amazing plugin to check the failing test's snapshots, but unfortunately, with Xcode 8 the plugins are not officially supported anymore, so I've decided to build an app which will work regardless Apple's decisions about Xcode and plugins ecosystem.

2web2ui - A React-powered app for the SparkPost email service.

  •    Javascript

A re-build of the current SparkPost web app using React and Redux. This project uses npm6, so upgrade if you haven't.

opticlj - A Clojure(Script) expectation/snapshot testing library, inspired by cram, ppx_expect, and jest

  •    Clojure

opticlj is a Clojure(Script) expectation testing (also known as snapshot testing) library. Expectations, or snapshots, is an automated testing strategy that captures the output of a program as a reference to its correctness. In contrast to unit testing, snapshots don't require the programmer to specify the correct output of their program but instead to verify the output.

ApprovalTests.cpp - Native ApprovalTests for C++ on Linux, Mac and Windows

  •    C++

Download the latest version (v.5.1.0) of the single header file here. Also known as Golden Master Tests or Snapshot Testing, Approval Tests are an alternative to asserts. If you are unfamiliar with them, we have an overview and a tutorial.

jest-acceptance - Snapshot driven acceptance testing with jest

  •    TypeScript

jest-acceptance is a strategy for getting close to user acceptance quality testing, without the overhead of browser automation. This strategy attempts to allow for a minimally mocked approach to ensure the interactions your users are having with your components, produce the expected interface changes. We do this by combining Jest's snapshot testing ability, with a serialization strategy that allows you to compare the ways your interface change as a result of user interactions by surfacing the before/after interaction diff as a snapshot itself.

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