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Snappy - Port of Snappy to Java

  •    Java

This is a rewrite (port) of Snappy writen in pure Java. This compression code produces a byte-for-byte exact copy of the output created by the original C++ code, and extremely fast.

Snappy for .NET


.NET P/Invoke wrapper for Snappy, fast compression library

snappy-reprap - The world's most 3D printable 3D printer

  •    OpenSCAD

A parametric design for a cheap self-replicating 3D printer (reprap) that snaps together to minimize screws and non-printed parts. Under OS X, you'll need to make sure you have the Xcode command-line tools installed first. You can get them by installing Xcode from the App Store.

jquery-snappish - jQuery plugin for snappy scrolling of website sections

  •    CSS

jquery-snappish is a small jQuery plugin that brings the snappy scrolling behavior that e.g. Apple uses for its iPhone 5s and 5c pages to your website. For more information see the website or the demo.

node-snappy-stream - Compress data over a Stream using the snappy framing format

  •    Javascript

snappy is notably faster than gzip (as can be seen in benchmarks). snappy-stream however is only slightly faster than gzip, because of the overhead of creating a Stream to begin with.

snzip - Snzip, a compression/decompression tool based on snappy

  •    C

Snzip is one of command line tools using snappy. This supports several file formats; framing-format, old framing-format, hadoop-snappy format, raw format and obsolete three formats used by snzip, snappy-java and snappy-in-java before official framing-format was defined. The default format is framing-format. The default format was changed to framing-format in 1.0.0. Set --with-default-format=snzip as a configure option to use obsolete snzip format as the default format as before.

LevelDBWinRT - Windows Runtime Component for LevelDB

  •    C++

This project aims to enable usage of LevelDB on Windows 10 UWP (Windows Phone 8.1+, Windows 8.1+ platforms have been deprecated). LevelDB stores keys and values in arbitrary byte arrays, and data is sorted by key. It supports batching writes, forward and backward iteration, and compression of the data via Google's Snappy compression library. Yes! It is production ready.

love-snap-template - Publish LÖVE games in the snap store

  •    Shell

This template is designed to make it easier for developers of games based on LÖVE to package them up as snaps. Once you have built a snap, it can be published to the Ubuntu Store where it will be almost immediately available to millions of desktop users.