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Snake - Artificial intelligence of the Snake game.

  •    Python

This project focuses on the artificial intelligence of the Snake game. The snake's goal is to eat the food continuously and fill the map with its bodies ASAP. The old version of this project is written in C++. Now it has been rewritten using Python for a user-friendly GUI and the simplicity in the implementations of algorithms. Requirements: Python 3.5+ with Tkinter installed.

android-snake-menu - imitate Tumblr's menu, dragging animations look like a snake

  •    Java

I found another repository some time ago which implemments the same dragging effects. Besides, its unfold later-menu effects is much more consistent with original Tumblr effects. You can jump to this repository - here. Several days ago, I installed the tumblr app into my genymotion device, and I was totally shocked by its amazing snake-menu animation which is quite smooth and fluent. Since I cannot clearly describe its visual effects, you’d better install this app and try it yourself. Ok, I am always the one who would like to imitate beautiful things. And I was terribly curious about how its animation is implemented.

3DSnakeAR - Well known game Snake written in Swift using ARKit.

  •    Swift

Well known game Snake in Augmented Reality. Written in Swift using ARKit. App demonstrates ARKit and plane detection. Content is generated with SceneKit. Just open in Xcode 9 and run on device.

In Browser Snake Game With Raphael.js and ASP MVC 3


Fun with Raphael.js , jQuery and plain Js on top of ASP MVC 3. Building the classic Snake Game.

Snake Game xna 2.0

  •    CSharp

Open Source Snake Game with Demo .

Mosaic Snake 3D

  •    CSharp

A clone of the popular Snake game for Windows 8. It contains a simple 3D engine based on SharpDX and is completely written in C# and Xaml.

millennials-to-snake-people - Firefox extension that replaces occurrences of 'Millennials' with 'Snake People'

  •    Javascript

Firefox extension that reveals the real truth behind Millennials. To all the various people who make text replacement apps, Eric Bailey in particular for uncovering the secret agenda of snake people, and to MDN for their docs.

snake - Basic Snake Game in TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

Just for fun. It's written in vanilla js, no libraries used. Also it uses HTML elements to render the game instead of canvas.

snake-case - Snake case a string in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Snake case a string. Supports Unicode (non-ASCII characters) and non-string entities, such as objects with a toString property, numbers and booleans. Empty values (null and undefined) will result in an empty string.

go-snake-telnet - Snake Game over telnet protocol in Go

  •    Go

Snake Game over telnet protocol in Go

TastySnake - A two-player (Bluetooth) game on Android.

  •    Java

See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations.

miso-snake - Snake game, made with haskell-miso

  •    Haskell

Snake, using miso. Adapted from elm-snake, using miso's SVG api instead of elm's Graphics.Collage.

to-no-case - Remove an existing case from a string.

  •    Javascript

Remove any existing casing from a string. Part of the series of case helpers. If you specifically want to receive space case strings as the output, without any other odd characters, check out to-space-case instead. Or one of the other case helpers.

to-snake-case - Convert a string to a snake case.

  •    Javascript

Convert a string to a snake case. Part of the series of case helpers. Returns the string converted to snake case.

snake-cli - Experiment / demo using readline-utils to create a simple snake game in the terminal.

  •    Javascript

Experiment / demo using readline-utils to create a simple snake game in the terminal. There are currently no options or configuration. This is just an demo to play around with some readline-utils features.

SnakeFX - Snake game in JavaFX

  •    Java

This is a clone of the old mobile phone game "Snake". It was created as an example project to learn JavaFX. The object of the game is simple: You are controlling a snake that likes to eat food. Every time the snake eats some food it grows a little bit. You may not bite yourself in the tail or you are game over. There are no walls in this game so when you move outside of one side of the screen you appear again on the other side of the screen.

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