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JavaMail - Java library to build Mail and Messaging Applications

  •    Java

The JavaMail API is a set of abstract APIs that model a mail system. The API provides a platform independent and protocol independent framework to build Java technology based email client applications. The JavaMail API provides facilities for reading and sending email. Service providers implement particular protocols. Several service providers are included with the JavaMail API package; others are available separately.

go-smtp - An SMTP client & server library written in Go

  •    Go

An ESMTP client and server library written in Go. It supports SMTP AUTH and PIPELINING, UTF-8 support for subject and message and LMTP support.

smtpd - SMTP server (library) for receiving emails, written in pure PHP.

  •    PHP

SMTP server (library) for receiving emails, written in pure PHP. This library provides an interface to the SMTP server-side protocol with PHP. It creates a \Zend\Mail\Message Class object for every incoming email and hands this object to a custom PHP function for further processing. The project is in Beta status, so it's not recommended for production use. The d in SMTPd stands for Daemon. This script can run in background like any other daemon processes. It's not meant for running as a webapplication.

Perfect-SMTP - SMTP Client for Perfect.

  •    Swift

This project provides an SMTP library. This package builds with Swift Package Manager and is part of the Perfect project.

go-smtpsrv - a tiny package that implements SMTP server for Go projects

  •    Go

The smtp server also supports the STARTTLS option, if you use the ListenAndServeTLS variant. You can also further customize the tls config as well. The smtp server also supports authentication via the PLAIN method. Ideally this would be coupled with STARTTLS to ensure secrecy of passwords in transit. You can do this by creating a custom server and registering the AUTH callback. This will be called everytime someone attempts to authenticate.

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