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SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin - 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Cordova plugin to share text, a file (image/PDF/

  •    Objective-C

Share text, images (and other files), or a link via the native sharing widget of your device. Android is fully supported, as well as iOS 6 and up. WP8 has somewhat limited support.

XendApp - API


XendApp is a eco system for sending messages from a computer/application to a device. A device could be a phone or tablet for example.

sms-address - node module to get email address for sms messaging

  •    Javascript

sms-address returns an email address that can be used to send an SMS (or MMS) message. It takes two arguments, phone number, and carrier.

activator - Easy user activation and password reset, with email confirmation, for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Activator version >= 3.0.0 uses template drivers instead of a simple path. Do not upgrade until you read the documentation on templates and drivers. Activator version >= 2.0.0 works only with JSON Web Tokens and ignores completely the user database fields for password reset code and password reset time.

connekt - NextGen Communications Gateway

  •    Scala

Connekt is a multi-tenant platform for engagement via. push notification & pull messages, which aims towards evolving into a multi-channel communications platform. Head out to our wiki to read more about how connekt is designed, and getting started guide.

react-native-send-intent - React Native Android module to use Android's Intent actions for send text to shareable apps or make phone calls or opening third party apps

  •    Java

React Native Android module to use Android's Intent actions for send text to shareable apps or make phone calls or opening third party apps. This module is useful when you need to share some text between apps in Android device and if you have a valid phone number make some call directly (if you ask for permission in AndroidManifest.xml).

ictcore - ICTCore: Unified Communications Framework for CTI

  •    PHP

ICTCore core is open source unified communications framework for developers and integrators to rapidly develop ICT based applications using their existing development skills. By using ICTCore, developer can create communication based applications such as Auto attendant, Fax to Email, Click to Call etc.. they can program custom business logic that can control incoming and outgoing communication instances. ICTCore having primary focus on integrated and automated communications. ICTCore goal is to be a common server-side software / back-end for CTI (computer telephony integration) related projects. Further as a framework it can be extended to develop new communication solution and services using user's existing development skills and infrastructure.

node-identif - :key: Helper class to verify one's identity via personal channels(SMS, Phone, E-Mail and more!)

  •    Javascript

Identif is an abstract helper class to easily implement the identity verification logic via personal channels like SMS, Phone, E-Mail, and more. This project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

mailjet-apiv3-nodejs - [API v3] Official Mailjet API v3 NodeJS wrapper

  •    Javascript

Check out all the resources and PHP code examples in the official Mailjet Documentation. If you want to do a global installation, add the -g flag.

sample-trigger-app - Example Node

  •    Javascript

This node.js application intends to show a simple way of performing an action when an AT&T M2X Device Trigger notification is delivered by M2X. The application is configured to deploy on the Heroku Cloud Application Platform and provides two delivery methods; Email and SMS. Email is delivered via the SendGrid API using the Sendgrid Heroku Add-on, and is configured to use Sendgrid's free Starter plan though you may upgrade your plan when you're ready to go into production.

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