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SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin - 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Cordova plugin to share text, a file (image/PDF/

  •    Objective-C

Share text, images (and other files), or a link via the native sharing widget of your device. Android is fully supported, as well as iOS 6 and up. WP8 has somewhat limited support.

Gnokii - Communicates with mobile phones

  •    C

Gnokii is a suite of programs for communicating with mobile phones. It was initially only available for Nokia mobile phones, but later extended to support others. It is available for Linux, BSD unix, Windows and Mac OS X and as source code.

courier - A fast, GoLang message receiver and sender for SMS and IP channels

  •    Go

This will create a new executable in $GOPATH/bin called courier.

laitos - Personal web server infrastructure + fun ways to access mails and social network

  •    Go

Did you know? laitos has a cool component that gets you modern & rich web experience on nostalgic computers that run Windows 98! Explore more in the comprehensive component list.Download ready-to-use latest release. The friendly Get started page will guide you to craft your own server.

ssm-env - Expand env variables from AWS Parameter Store

  •    Go

ssm-env is a simple UNIX tool to populate env vars from AWS Parameter Store.Now, any command executed with the Docker image will be funneled through ssm-env.

sms-over-xmpp - XMPP Component (XEP-0114) to send and receive SMS

  •    Go

sms-over-xmpp is an XMPP component (XEP-0114) that acts as a gateway between an XMPP network and the SMS network. It allows you to send and receive SMS messages as if they were XMPP messages, using your favorite XMPP client. You send an XMPP message and your friend receives an SMS. When she responds by SMS, you receive an XMPP message.

gotwilio - Twilio library for Go (golang).

  •    Go

This is the start of a library for Twilio. Gotwilio supports making voice calls and sending text messages. Gotwilio is licensed under a BSD license.

ucp - UCP protocol in Go

  •    Go

ucp is a pure Go implementation of the UCP protocol primarily used to connect to short message service centres (SMSCs), in order to send and receive short messages (SMS).

nexmo-go - An experimental golang client API for Nexmo.com

  •    Go

This library is moving towards a full client implementation of the Nexmo APIs. The library is supported by Nexmo. It currently has only a handful of Developer (5/15) endpoints implemented, and no webhook support.

kavenegar-go - Kavenegar API Client Writen In Golang

  •    Go

کاوه نگار یک وب سرویس ارسال و دریافت پیامک و تماس صوتی است که به راحتی میتوانید از آن استفاده نمایید. اگر در وب سرویس کاوه نگار عضو نیستید میتوانید از لینک عضویت ثبت نام و اکانت آزمایشی برای تست API دریافت نمایید.

go-mitake - A Mitake SMS library for Golang

  •    Go

go-mitake is a Go client library for accessing the Mitake SMS API (Taiwan mobile phone number only). See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

smsender - A Go server for sending SMS through various providers

  •    Go

A SMS server written in Go (Golang). Registering providers on the sender server.

go_cmpp - go_cmpp是为SP设计实现的CMPP2.0协议开发包和工具集

  •    Go