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  •    C

Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix. Samba provides file and print services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

ambar - :mag: Ambar: Document Search System


Ambar is an open-source document search and management system with automated crawling, OCR, tagging and instant full-text search.There are two editions available: Community and Enterprise. Enterprise Edition is a full featured document search and management system that can handle terabytes of data.

pysmb - SMB/CIFS library in Python

  •    Python

pysmb is an experimental SMB/CIFS library written in Python. It implements the client-side SMB/CIFS protocol (SMB1 and SMB2) which allows your Python application to access and transfer files to/from SMB/CIFS shared folders like your Windows file sharing and Samba folders.

batch-shipyard - Execute batch and HPC Dockerized workloads on Azure Batch with shared file system provisioning and linking support

  •    Python

Additionally, Batch Shipyard provides the ability to provision and manage entire standalone remote file systems (storage clusters) in Azure, independent of any integrated Azure Batch functionality.Batch Shipyard is now integrated directly into Azure Cloud Shell and you can execute any Batch Shipyard workload using your web browser or the Microsoft Azure Android and iOS app.

blobxfer - Azure Storage transfer tool and data movement library

  •    Python

blobxfer is an advanced data movement tool and library for Azure Storage Blob and Files. With blobxfer you can copy your files into or out of Azure Storage with the CLI or integrate the blobxfer data movement library into your own Python scripts.Please refer to the installation guide for more information on how to install blobxfer.

TOSMBClient - An Objective-C binding around the libDSM SMB client library.

  •    Objective-C

TOSMBClient is a small library that serves as a simple SMB (Server Message Block ) client for iOS apps. The library allows connecting to SMB devices, downloading file metadata, and subsequently allows asynchronous downloading of files from an SMB device straight to an iOS device. It is an Objective-C wrapper around Defective SMb, or libDSM, a low level SMB client library built in C built by some of VideoLabs' developers. A copy of libDSM has been specially cross-compiled for iOS device architectures and embedded in this library, so this project has no external dependencies.

ansible-role-samba - Ansible Role - Samba


Installs Samba client and server for RHEL/CentOS. Samba requires ports 137, 138, 139, 445 to be open to function properly. For easy firewall configuration, you can use the geerlingguy.firewall role.

node-smb-server - A 100% JavaScript implementation of the SMB file sharing protocol.

  •    Javascript

node-smb-server is an open-source JavaScript implementation of the SMB/CIFS file sharing protocol. In Finder, open the 'Connect to Server' dialog (⌘K) and enter the url smb://localhost:8445/fs (user: test, password: test).

kraft - Kraft helps to handle your daily quotes and invoices in your small business.

  •    C++

Kraft is free software to help to handle documents like quotes and invoices in your small business. It is a Qt/KF5 based desktop software with a strong focus on ease of use and the just enough feature set for the use case. With Kraft, creating documents will run smooth and free time for more enjoyable things than office work.

HoneySMB - Simple High Interaction Honeypot Solution for SMB protocol

  •    Python

Simple High Interaction Honeypot Solution for SMB protocol

sharesniffer - Network share sniffer and auto-mounter for crawling remote file systems

  •    Python

sharesniffer is a network analysis tool for finding open and closed file shares on your local network. It includes auto-network discovery and auto-mounting of any open cifs and nfs shares.

AMSMB2 - Swift framework to connect SMB2/3 shares

  •    Swift

This is small Swift library for iOS, macOS and tvOS which wraps libsmb2 and allows to connect a SMB2/3 share and do file operation. Then drop AMSMB2.xcodeproj to you Xcode workspace and add the framework to your Embeded Binaries in target.