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awesome-smarttv - A curated list of smart :tv: frameworks, libraries, software and resources.


A curated list of smart 📺 frameworks, libraries, software and resources.Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.

move-into-view - move-into-view is such as sroll-into-view but better

  •    Javascript

moveIntoView() is such as scrollIntoView() Element shim but without scrolling, it move element into aspect ratio based position instead. Very useful for css driven scroll animations instead of heavy cpu based animations often used for scrolls.

awesome-smart-tv - :zap:A curated list of awesome resources for building Smart TV apps


Smart TV is a growing platform of TVs having access to internet and allowing to serf web-sites and install applications. It has own ecosystem with main players like Samsung, LG, Android TV and Apple TV. In this list you will find official and third-party resources for developing Smart TV apps and communicating with TV from remote devices.Below are the most popular platforms for Smart TV. The full list is here.

smart-tv.js - A Smart TV app development framework

  •    Javascript

A Smart TV app development framework. It's designed so that it adds a device abstraction layer.

lgtv2mqtt - Interface between LG WebOS Smart TVs and MQTT :tv:

  •    Javascript

Topics and Payloads follow mqtt-smarthome Architecture. Enable or disable mute. Payload should be one off '0', '1', 'false' and 'true'.

node-red-contrib-lgtv - Node-RED Nodes to control LG webOS Smart TVs :tv:

  •    Javascript

For the initial configuration you then just need the Hostname or IP-Address of your TV and click Connect in the lgtv-config node. The token should be filled automatically on first connect. Note: After turning on the TV it takes ~25 seconds until the API is available.

PiHoleBlocklist - PiHole Blocklist and Adlists


This is a public collection of domains that anyone can help to expand. I am mainly concerned with such lists, which do not yet exist or are very rare.

SamRemote - Simple WiFi remote for Samsung TVs

  •    Java

Note for Wear Version: Press and hold the button in the middle to switch between Volume/Channel and Navigation pad.

LGWebOSRemote - Command line webOS remote for LGTVs

  •    Python

Command line webOS remote for LGTVs. This tool uses a connection via websockets to port 3000 on newer LG TVs, there are other tools which use a restful connection to port 8080 however that port is closed on newer firmware versions. Tested with python 2.7 on mac/linux and works fine, your mileage may vary with windows, patches welcome.

lrud - Left, Right, Up, Down

  •    Javascript

Left, Right, Up, Down. A spatial navigation library for devices with input via directional controls

qmlcore - QML to Javascript/HTML5 translator, both for mobile and desktop targets

  •    QML

QmlCore is a simple set of tools we (a small team of QML advocates) use since years to simplify the development of HTML5 UIs for both mobile and desktop devices. It was designed with the original QML in mind, while it's not 100% compatible and improved in some aspects. The main concepts are the same though, so if you're familiar with original QML, you could start right away. QmlCore provides a toolchain written in Python using python-future, allowing it to be run on top of both python versions. Normally you don't need to use them directly. build provides a convenient wrapper around them all.

android-file-chooser - a lightweight file/folder chooser or picker

  •    Java

android-file-library is a lightweight file/folder chooser. The usages at HERE, and Acknowledges.