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opendatacam - An open source tool to quantify the world

  •    Javascript

OpenDataCam is an open source tool to quantify the world. It quantifies and tracks moving objects with live video analysis. It is designed to be an accessible, affordable and open-source solution to better understand interactions in urban environments. OpenDataCam never records any photo or video data. The system only saves surveyed meta-data, in particular the path an object moved or number of counted objects at a certain point. The novelty of OpenDataCam is, that everything happens on location, while no visual data is saved or sent to online cloud processing.

building-data-genome-project-2 - Whole building non-residential hourly energy meter data from the Great Energy Predictor III competition

  •    Jupyter

The GEPIII sub-set includes hourly data from 2,380 meters from 1,449 buildings that were used in a machine learning competition for long-term prediction with an application to measurement and verification in the building energy analysis domain. This data set can be used to benchmark various statistical learning algorithms and other data science techniques. It can also be used simply as a teaching or learning tool to practice dealing with measured performance data from large numbers of non-residential buildings. The charts below illustrate the breakdown of the buildings according to primary use category and subcategory, industry and subindustry, timezone and meter type. We recommend you download the Anaconda Python Distribution and use Jupyter to get an understanding of the data.

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