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eagle.js - A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue.js

  •    Vue

Most of all, eagle.js aims at offering a simple and very hackable API so you can get off the beaten tracks and craft the slideshows you really want. If you are not familiar with Vue.js you will find eagle.js harder to use than, say, Reveal.js, but on the long term eagle.js makes it easier to organize your slides and implement new ideas.

gitpitch - The Markdown Presentation Service For Everyone on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitBucket, Gitea, and Gogs

  •    Java

GitPitch is a markdown presentation service for everyone on Git. You can use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything using the tools you already know and love - Markdown + Git. The service introduces a new convention for Git users, called PITCHME.md. The GitPitch server turns PITCHME.md markdown files found within any public or private repo into online and offline, interactive slideshows.

videoshow - Simple node

  •    Javascript

Simple utility for node/io.js to create straightforward video slideshows based on images using ffmpeg, with additional features such as audio, subtitles and fade in/out transitions between slides.videoshow is used in production rendering thousands of videos per month.

cleaver-template - Jump start your cleaver presentation in no time.

  •    Javascript

Jump start your cleaver presentation in no time. Reinventing cleaver watch functionality but also sprinkling it with livereload & static server functionality via awesome grunt packages (see package.json dependency list for names).

gist-reveal - Gist-powered Revealjs slides

  •    Javascript

Gist-Reveal.it is an open source slideshow templating service that makes it easy to create, edit, present, and share Reveal.js slides on the web by using github's gist service as a datastore. Use bitly or another url shortener to make these long urls easier to share, and to make enagement rates easier to count.

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