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shards-ui - 🎨Shards is a beautiful & modern Bootstrap 4 UI kit packed with extra templates and components

  •    CSS

A modern UI kit packed with 2 custom page templates and 11 extra custom components built on top of Bootstrap 4 (final). The distributed Shards assets are also available via CDN through unpkg and jsDelivr.

uji - A minimalist generative art thing – press the buttons and play with the sliders!

  •    Javascript

The interface is designed (or, rather, deliberately not designed) for exploration through play – both for you, as the user, and me, as the person who made the weird-ass interface. It's intended to facilitate a vaguely meditative and creative environment. The tiled buttons at the top are presets – use them as jumping-off points, or click your way through them to see what's possible before starting afresh by yourself. The ⌘ preset has all options set to their defaults, so it's a good starting point once you've played around a bit.

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