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nuka-carousel - Pure React Carousel Component

Hook to be called after a slide is changed.Autoplay mode active. Defaults to false.

Talkie - Simple slide presentation library. Responsive scaling & markdown ready.

The master branch is unstable because it makes comprehensive changes with v0.13. For v0.12 code, please refer to the v0.12.x branch. This library written in TypeScript & ReactiveX/rxjs: A reactive programming library for JavaScript.

EasySlide - easy to build a mobile page slide

Easy to build a mobile page slide. 使用EasySlide,可以不再使用javascript来设置动画顺序与效果,而只需要编写对应的动画类和设置HTML节点信息即可,它还内置一些utils和动画效果,你也可以使用监听器和自己编写CSS类来扩展EasySlide.

Auto Style It for PowerPoint 2010

AutoStyle IT is a PowerPoint Addin that duplicates the selected slide x number of times so that each bullet (paragraph) will be highlighted on their own slide.


jQuery Mobile Slide Menu - This is a simple side aligned sliding menu for jQuery Mobile. You can access the menu either by hitting the menu icon or by swiping your finger from left to right, to slide the menu out. Likewise, you can hide it with the menu icon, or by swiping your finger from right to left to slide the menu back in.


jQuery plugin for a venetian blind-like banner made of rolling stripes animated with CSS3 3D transforms


jQuery Fading Slide Toggle - Can attach to an element and trigger a slideUp or slideDown, while fading in or out at the same time


jQuery UI/Mobile plugin which provides a widget (button) that needs to be slided to be activated