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finatra - Fast, testable, Scala services built on Twitter-Server and Finagle

This project is used in production at Twitter (and many other organizations), and is being actively developed and maintained.Finatra is a lightweight framework for building fast, testable, scala applications on top of TwitterServer and Finagle. Finatra provides an easy-to-use API for creating and testing Finagle servers and apps as well as powerful JSON support, modern logging via SLF4J, Finagle client utilities, and more.

scala-logging - Convenient and performant logging library for Scala wrapping SLF4J.

Scala Logging is a convenient and performant logging library wrapping SLF4J.If you are looking for a version compatible with Scala 2.10, check out Scala Logging 2.x.

tinylog - tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java and Android.

tinylog is a lightweight open-source logging framework for Java and Android, optimized for ease of use. The logger of tinylog is static, so it isn't necessary to create an instance of the logger before logging. By default all log entries of the level info or higher are written to the console.

jcabi-log - Static Wrapper of SLF4J

Wrapper of SLF4J and a few supplementary logging classes

slf4j-timber - SLF4J binding for Jake Wharton's Timber Android logging library

Don't forget to plant tree to Timber, check Timber usage. Note: timber and slf4j-api are the transitive dependencies of slf4j-timber, so you don't need to take care of them in Maven POM and Gradle build script.

slf4j-timbre - SLF4J binding for Clojure's Timbre

You might depend on a Java project which is configured to use SLF4J / JCL / LOG4j / JUL. Rather than having to manage a separate logging configuration, SLF4J provides the means to have SLF4J delegate to another implementation (the default being Logback). This project lets you use Timbre for this instead. slf4j-timbre requires [org.slf4j/slf4j-api "1.7.14"] or later so make sure your project or its dependencies are not pulling in an earlier version.