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slack-ruby-bot - The easiest way to write a Slack bot in Ruby.

  •    Ruby

A generic Slack bot framework written in Ruby on top of slack-ruby-client. This library does all the heavy lifting, such as message parsing, so you can focus on implementing slack bot commands. It also attempts to introduce the bare minimum number of requirements or any sorts of limitations. It's a Slack bot boilerplate. If you are not familiar with Slack bots or Slack API concepts, you might want to watch this video.

slack-ruby-client - A Ruby and command-line client for the Slack Web and Real Time Messaging APIs.

  •    Ruby

A Ruby client for the Slack Web and RealTime Messaging APIs. Comes with a handy command-line client, too. If you are not familiar with these concepts, you might want to watch this video. You're reading the documentation for the next release of slack-ruby-client. Please see the documentation for the last stable release, v0.12.0 unless you're integrating with HEAD. See UPGRADING when upgrading from an older version.

JBot - Make Slack and Facebook Bots in Java

  •    Java

JBot is a java framework (inspired by Howdyai's Botkit) to make Slack and Facebook bots in minutes. It provides all the boilerplate code needed so that you can make your bot live right away. It supports extra events in addition to all the events supported by Slack/Facebook which makes your work a lot more easier.

go-sarah - Simple yet customizable bot framework written in Go.

  •    Go

Sarah is a general purpose bot framework named after author's firstborn daughter.While the first goal is to prep author to write Go-ish code, the second goal is to provide simple yet highly customizable bot framework.

slacker - Slack Bot Framework

  •    Go

Built on top of the Slack API github.com/nlopes/slack with the idea to simplify the Real-Time Messaging feature to easily create Slack Bots, assign commands to them and extract parameters.Showcasing the ability to access the github.com/nlopes/slack API. In this example, we upload a file using the Slack API.

allot - Parse placeholder and wildcard text commands

  •    Go

allot is a small Golang library to match and parse commands with pre-defined strings. For example use allot to define a list of commands your CLI application or Slackbot supports and check if incoming requests are matching your commands.The allot library supports placeholders and regular expressions for parameter matching and parsing.

hanu - Golang Framework for writing Slack bots

  •    Go

Use the following example code or the hanu-example bot to get started.The example code above connects to Slack using SLACK_BOT_API_TOKEN as the bot's token and can respond to direct messages and mentions for the commands shout <word> , whisper <word> and version.

rallyslack - A utility for Slack users to quickly access and modify Rally

  •    Javascript

The Rally Slackbot is a utility for Slack users to quickly access and modify Rally.The Rally Slackbot application uses the input from the Slackbot to execute commands using the Rally API, allowing users to query, update, create, read, and delete user stories.

cloudrail-si-node-sdk - Unified API Library for: Cloud Storage, Social Log-In, Social Interaction, Payment, Email, SMS, POIs, Video & Messaging

  •    Javascript

CloudRail is an API integration solution which abstracts multiple APIs from different providers into a single and universal interface.With CloudRail, you can easily integrate external APIs into your application. CloudRail provides abstracted interfaces that take several services and then exposes a developer-friendly API that uses common functions between all providers. This means that, for example, upload() works in exactly the same way for Dropbox as it does for Google Drive, OneDrive, and other Cloud Storage Services, and getEmail() works similarly the same way across all social networks.

typebot - A slack bot that will fetch type signatures via Hoogle

  •    Haskell

You can have the same bot service multiple slack teams by adding additional token="URL" lines. Deploy to your favorite server/provider.

retrobot - 🤖 A slack bot for retrospectives

  •    Javascript

A retrospective bot for Slack (inspired by @PebbleKat's retrobot 💙).The bot will record retrospective feedback (via DMs) and then display in a group channel in a random order, allowing everyone to vote on "needs work" with a 👍, after which a summary of the top 3 can be reported. All inside of Slack.


  •    Javascript

A statistics slack bot for npm packages and ruby gems The bot will fetch information from npmjs or rubygems and show it on screen.Before creating the pkgbot, you need to create a new Slack bot and record your API token, export it as an environment variable named SLACK_TOKEN. You can, if you like, also use the bot image as your avatar for your bot.

chatskills - Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line

  •    Javascript

Run Alexa apps on the command-line. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere! Supports Amazon Alexa skills and intents. Chatskills does not require a server and can run directly in the console. It can also run on the web, or Slack, or anywhere. It handles requests from multiple users and maintains session memory. When a user starts a conversation with one of the skills, the skill continues to execute within a session context, until the skill terminates.

no-slacking-on-pull-requests-bot - A Slack bot that keeps track of open PRs.

  •    Javascript

This is a Slack bot that will keep track of open GitHub pull-requests assigned to registered users on your team. NOTE: Because in this environment the BeepBoop key-value store is not available, nor write access to the file-system, the users database will be an in-memory one.

slack-machine - A sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot

  •    Python

Slack Machine is a sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot. More than just a bot, Slack Machine is a framework that helps you develop your Slack team into a ChatOps powerhouse.

charlesbot - Charlesbot is a Python3 bot written to take advantage of Slack's Real Time Messaging API

  •    Python

CharlesBOT is a Python bot written to take advantage of Slack's Real Time Messaging API. Documentation available at https://disjoint.ca/projects/charlesbot.

slackcat - Concatenate files(s), or stdin, directly to Slack. 🐈

  •    Python

Concatenate files(s), or stdin, directly to Slack. 3-minute setup & no third-party integration required. Download using pip via pypi.

CheckYourSSeLf - A friendly Slack bot that checks your Amazon AWS accounts for expiring SSL certificates

  •    Ruby

A friendly Slack bot that checks your Amazon AWS accounts, and remote urls for expiring SSL certificates. Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Instructure, Inc.

slack-stuart - An extendable bot server for Slack

  •    Javascript

Stuart is an extensible Slack Bot. Ready to take on any task that you've programmed. He's intended to be run as a separate Node service. Once configured within your Slack instance, he will listen to your wishes and do the best he can to service you. Stuart will also run automated tasks that happen in the background. For example, Stuart can let your team know what the weather forecast is every morning.

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