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roboslack - A pluggable, fluent, straightforward Java library for interacting with Slack.

  •    Java

It also handles Slack authentication tokens and can perform synchronous message posting requests with basic error handling.At this time, RoboSlack does not support core Slack API features like buttons and other interactive items within Slack messages.

slack-go-webhook - Go Library to send messages to Slack via Webhooks

  •    Go

Go Lang library to send messages to Slack via Incoming Webhooks.

PerfectSlackAPIClient - A Slack API Client for the Perfect Server-Side Swift Framework

  •    Swift

In order to send a message to your Slack-Channel, you have to generate a Webhook URL for your Slack-Workspace. Check out the Slack API Hello world example. After you successfully generated a Slack Webhook URL you can configure the SlackAPIClient. It is recommended to set the Webhook URL in your initialization code just before you start your PerfectHTTPServer.

slack-error-notifier - Send a message to a Slack channel when an error occurs in your Laravel Application (Laravel 5

  •    PHP

If you can't use Bugsnag or Sentry for monitoring your production Laravel application, here is a really simple solution to get notified when anything goes wrong. This is a plug-and-play Laravel package to send a message to a Slack channel via an Incoming WebHook when error/exception occurs in your application.

chathooks - Service to convert webhook messages to your favorite chat / team messaging format

  •    Go

Chathooks is a webhook proxy service that converts generic outbound webhook messages to a canonical CommonChat message format which is then sent to any chat / team messaging platform supported by the CommonChat chat post abstraction library. Multiple input webhook formats are supported via handlers. New ones can be easily created by using the handlers.Handler interface.

hooka - 😎 A webhook server with zero coding

  •    Javascript

Hooka is a webhook server written in Node, which allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints to trigger the execution of configured commands. Open http://localhost:3000/hello in your browser to trigger the first hook.

Horus - :dart: A gRPC-Node Distributed Tracing and Monitoring Tool.

  •    Javascript

Horus is a Distributed Tracing and Monitoring Tool for gRPC-Node Applications. And yes, it does support intraservice gRPC requests! (Check out our setup tutorial in the table of contents below).

slackbridge - Bridging Slack.com #channels between companies

  •    Python

SlackBridge bridges Slack.com #channels between companies. Then, no more hard times of having to grant each others' workers access on both Slack teams: you can now form a union between two of your Slack #channels using this bridge.