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hubcommander - A Slack bot for GitHub organization management -- and other things too

  •    Python

A user-extendable Slack bot for GitHub organization management.HubCommander provides a chat-ops means for managing GitHub organizations. It creates a simple way to perform privileged GitHub organization management tasks without granting administrative or owner privileges to your GitHub organization members.

JBot - Make Slack and Facebook Bots in Java

  •    Java

JBot is a java framework (inspired by Howdyai's Botkit) to make Slack and Facebook bots in minutes. It provides all the boilerplate code needed so that you can make your bot live right away. It supports extra events in addition to all the events supported by Slack/Facebook which makes your work a lot more easier.

response - Monzo's real-time incident response and reporting tool ⚡️

  •    Javascript

Dealing with incidents can be stressful. On top of dealing with the issue at hand, responders are often responsible for handling comms, both internal and external, reporting, and coordinating the efforts of other engineers. To reduce the pressure and cognitive burden on its engineers, Monzo built Response to help coordinate and report incidents. Limit context switching Context switching during an incident is often unavoidable. Response aims to limit this, by enabling actions to be carried out without leaving the conversation.


  •    Javascript

A bot for slack wich displays lbrys current hashrate via the open api.

go-sarah - Simple yet customizable bot framework written in Go.

  •    Go

Sarah is a general purpose bot framework named after author's firstborn daughter.While the first goal is to prep author to write Go-ish code, the second goal is to provide simple yet highly customizable bot framework.

slacker - Slack Bot Framework

  •    Go

Built on top of the Slack API github.com/nlopes/slack with the idea to simplify the Real-Time Messaging feature to easily create Slack Bots, assign commands to them and extract parameters.Showcasing the ability to access the github.com/nlopes/slack API. In this example, we upload a file using the Slack API.

node-slack-events-api - Slack Events API module for Node

  •    Javascript

This adapter enhances and simplifies Slack's Events API by incorporating useful best practices, patterns, and opportunities to abstract out common tasks.We wrote a blog that explains how the Events API can help you, why we built these tools, and how you can use them to build production-ready Slack apps.


  •    Javascript

A statistics slack bot for npm packages and ruby gems The bot will fetch information from npmjs or rubygems and show it on screen.Before creating the pkgbot, you need to create a new Slack bot and record your API token, export it as an environment variable named SLACK_TOKEN. You can, if you like, also use the bot image as your avatar for your bot.

norrisbot - a Slack bot that kicks asses (roundhouse-kicks to be accurate...)

  •    Javascript

The NorrisBot is a Slack bot that kicks asses, roundhouse-kicks to be precise... It's super-powered with Chuck Norris jokes and it aims to make your Slack channel even more "slacker" and enjoyable. NorrisBot is loaded with guns and jokes about Chuck Norris and it will tell a random joke every time that someone says “Chuck Norris” or "norrisbot" in a slack channel.

chatskills - Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line

  •    Javascript

Run Alexa apps on the command-line. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere! Supports Amazon Alexa skills and intents. Chatskills does not require a server and can run directly in the console. It can also run on the web, or Slack, or anywhere. It handles requests from multiple users and maintains session memory. When a user starts a conversation with one of the skills, the skill continues to execute within a session context, until the skill terminates.

slick - Slick, a Slack bot in Go

  •    Go

Slick is a Slack bot to do ChatOps and other cool things. Faceoff: a game to learn the names and faces of your colleagues. The code for this one is interesting to learn to build interactive features with slick.

Yasuf - Very simple way of controlling your Python application via Slack

  •    Python

Very simple way of controlling your Python application via Slack. Yasuf consists of a single, simple decorator that allows you to execute the decorated function via Slack and get it's output back, without modifying the function in any way.

slack-machine - A sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot

  •    Python

Slack Machine is a sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot. More than just a bot, Slack Machine is a framework that helps you develop your Slack team into a ChatOps powerhouse.

CheckYourSSeLf - A friendly Slack bot that checks your Amazon AWS accounts for expiring SSL certificates

  •    Ruby

A friendly Slack bot that checks your Amazon AWS accounts, and remote urls for expiring SSL certificates. Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Instructure, Inc.

kirpich - Пацан-бот

  •    Ruby

Нет, серьезно, возможно вам не стоит дальше смотреть. Бот матерится, постит в чат фотографии эротического, а иногда совсем неприемлимого содержания и вообще ведет себя крайне дерзко. Создать новую интеграцию типа бот. Там сгенерируется API токен.

stack2slack - A Slack bot to monitor StackOverflow/StackExchange tags

  •    Go

This Slack bot monitors StackExchange tags and automatically publishes new questions in configured Slack channels. It has been initially created to post all questions related to the API Platform framework in a dedicated channel of the Slack of Les-Tilleuls.coop (the company behind the framework).

watson-discovery-news - A Node

  •    Javascript

In this Code Pattern, we will build a Node.js web application that will use the Watson Discovery Service to access Watson Discovery News. Watson Discovery News is a default data collection that is associated with the Watson Discovery Service. It is a dataset of primarily English language news sources that is updated continuously, with approximately 300,000 new articles and blogs added daily.

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