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node-slack-sdk - Slack Developer Kit for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Read the full documentation for all the lovely details.This module is a wrapper around the Slack RTM and Web APIs.

python-slackclient - Slack Developer Kit for Python

  •    Python

A basic client for Slack.com, which can optionally connect to the Slack Real Time Messaging (RTM) API.Whether you're building a custom app for your team, or integrating a third party service into your Slack workflows, Slack Developer Kit for Python allows you to leverage the flexibility of Python to get your project up and running as quickly as possible.

sclack - The best CLI client for Slack, because everything is terrible!

  •    Python

The first thing you need to do is to get a Slack token here. Use, create or request a token for each workspace that you'll use on Sclack. Not all workspaces allow you to generate a token, so sometimes you'll need to ask for the administrator to enable the feature. Sclack seems better when used with a Nerd Font. Using them is completely optional, but it is how some Sclack icons are possible. Personally, I use Fira Code Nerd Font. Download, install and set as the default font of your terminal emulator.

bolt-python - A framework to build Slack apps using Python

  •    Python

A Python framework to build Slack apps in a flash with the latest platform features. Read the getting started guide and look at our code examples to learn how to build apps using Bolt. The Python module documents are available here. Create a Bolt for Python app by calling a constructor, which is a top-level export. If you'd prefer, you can create an async app.

java-slack-sdk - Slack Developer Kit (including Bolt for Java) for any JVM language

  •    Java

Slack SDK for Java supports the Slack platform in a Java idiomatic way. The SDK written in Java so developers can use it in any JVM language including Kotlin, Groovy, and Scala. If what you want to do is call Slack APIs in your existing services, we recommend using only the Slack API Client. If instead, you’re developing a new modern and interactive Slack app, we recommend Bolt for it. The framework enables developers to focus on the essential parts of their apps without being bothered by trifles.

slacker - Slack Bot Framework

  •    Go

Built on top of the Slack API github.com/nlopes/slack with the idea to simplify the Real-Time Messaging feature to easily create Slack Bots, assign commands to them and extract parameters.Showcasing the ability to access the github.com/nlopes/slack API. In this example, we upload a file using the Slack API.

python-slack-events-api - Slack Events API adapter for Python

  •    Python

The Slack Events Adapter is a Python-based solution to receive and parse events from Slack’s Events API. This library uses an event emitter framework to allow you to easily process Slack events by simply attaching functions to event listeners.This adapter enhances and simplifies Slack's Events API by incorporating useful best practices, patterns, and opportunities to abstract out common tasks.

slacknimate - :dancers: text animation for Slack messages

  •    Go

Download a binary from the Releases Page and put it somewhere on your $PATH. macOS Homebrew users, you can also just brew install slacknimate.

slack-machine - A sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot

  •    Python

Slack Machine is a sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot. More than just a bot, Slack Machine is a framework that helps you develop your Slack team into a ChatOps powerhouse.

slack-cli - :neckbeard: Powerful Slack CLI via pure bash

  •    Shell

A pure bash, pipe friendly, feature rich, command line interface for Slack. Richly formatted messages are a first class concept, helping you send beautiful messages with ease. Deep integration with jq allows for the ability to perform advanced operations upon JSON responses, helping you perform complex queries and pipe chaining with ease. PROTIP: You are responsible for having stedolan/jq on your PATH.

slack-api-specs - Open API specifications for platform products by Slack


This repository contains API specifications of Slack platform features and APIs. You'll find OpenAPI specs for the Slack Web API and AsyncAPI specs for the Events API.

PerfectSlackAPIClient - A Slack API Client for the Perfect Server-Side Swift Framework

  •    Swift

In order to send a message to your Slack-Channel, you have to generate a Webhook URL for your Slack-Workspace. Check out the Slack API Hello world example. After you successfully generated a Slack Webhook URL you can configure the SlackAPIClient. It is recommended to set the Webhook URL in your initialization code just before you start your PerfectHTTPServer.

slack-error-notifier - Send a message to a Slack channel when an error occurs in your Laravel Application (Laravel 5

  •    PHP

If you can't use Bugsnag or Sentry for monitoring your production Laravel application, here is a really simple solution to get notified when anything goes wrong. This is a plug-and-play Laravel package to send a message to a Slack channel via an Incoming WebHook when error/exception occurs in your application.

layabout - A small event handling library on top of the Slack RTM API.

  •    Python

Layabout is a small event handling library on top of the Slack RTM API. You can think of Layabout as a micro framework for building Slack bots. Since it wraps Slack's RTM API it does best with tasks like interacting with users, responding to channel messages, and monitoring events. If you want more ideas on what you can do with it check out the examples.

spotify-slack-status - Update your Slack status based on the track currently playing in Spotify.

  •    Ruby

Update your Slack status based on the track currently playing in Spotify. You can update your status via the /spotify-status command in Slack once you've added the app to your team's Slack.

slacker - Slacker - Easy access to the Slack API and admin of workspaces/teams.

  •    Python

Slacker is a tool designed to make it easier to do admin tasks and general utility for several workspaces (teams). It supports a REPL for inputting and evaluating commands, along with a CLI for running a single command. Slacker is written in Python 3 and the required modules to be installed can be found in requirements.txt.

vscode-chat - Send and receive chat inside Visual Studio Code. Supports Slack and Discord. 💬

  •    TypeScript

Are you a Slack workspace admin? Approve this app for your team. Team Chat is a light-weight companion chat for VS Live Share, without any dependency on an existing backend like Slack or Discord.

cmd2slack - Execute a command and send its output to Slack

  •    Go

Execute a command and send its stdout and stderr to a Slack channel as an Incoming Webhook. First you need to set up an incoming webhook integration in your Slack workspace. Once done that, you will receive a webhook URL ($HOOK hencefort). That's all the configuration you need.

Slack-bot - Slack Schedule Messaging BOT

  •    Javascript

In the first tab fill all the information. Here Token field must be filled with your valid Slack API Token. And in the channel field enter any channel name as '#test-channel'. On the second tab you have to add your schedule. You can enable or disable each schedule.Message will be sent with according specified schedule. An example schedule has been entered by default.

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