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nth-indexof - Find the nth position of a pattern in a string

  •    Javascript

Find the nth position of a pattern in a string. Similar to str.indexOf(pattern) except that you can choose how many occurrences of pattern you wish to skip before getting the index.

skipontab - A jQuery plugin to exempt selected form fields from the forward tab order.

  •    Javascript

When using tab to navigate through a form, skipping some fields will reduce key presses for the normal use cases. Skipped fields can still be navigated to by keyboard; once skipped and focusing the next form field, use shift-tab to step back. Mouse or touch navigation is unaffected. This library is most useful when the users are familiar with the form, and uses it regularly. Casual users may not feel as comfortable - then again, if they are already using the tab button, they might see it as an optimization.

vlc-credit-skipper - Automatically skip intro/outro credit sequences in VLC.

  •    Lua

Automatically skip intro/outro credit sequences in VLC. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub.

bw_plex - binge watching for plex

  •    Python

CPU/Memory usage can be rather high, so use a 64 bit python install. Note: This tool only works on your local network. We then create a audio print from the theme song that we match against the audio of the 10 minutes of the episode. (There’s a backup method that uses audio silence in combination with black frames too).

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