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ion.rangeSlider - jQuery only range slider

  •    Javascript

Ion.RangeSlider. Is an easy, flexible and responsive range slider with tons of options. Or use the included PSD file and design a custom skin.

darkness - Dark Themes for Popular Websites

  •    CSS

Darkness is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that provides dark themes for popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Gmail and YouTube.

Windows Phone 7 Emulator Skin Switcher


The Windows Phone 7 emulator skin switcher is an application that gives you multiple skins to use on your Windows Phone 7 emulator. Start the application, select one of the 25 available skins and you're done!

Drawing Custom Borders in Windows Forms

  •    WPF

This project is a small library that extends Windows Forms with ability to customize the windows's non-client area. This allows you to create custom skins for any window and give your application consistent and unique look. The project includes also an interactive editor to ea...

DotNetNuke Skinning 101


Demonstration skins for DotNetNuke. This project provides novice skinners some simple example skins to get started with DNN skinning. Don't expect flashy nice looking skins. This project wants to help you get going with the craft of skinning. CSS knowledge is required!

DotNetNuke® Skins


DotNetNuke® Skins are packaged versions of the default skins that are (or have been) distributed with the project.

cozhihu - Cozhihu is a chrome extension for zhihu skins.

  •    CSS

cozhihu is a chrome extension for zhihu skins. Copyright (c) 2016 Terry Cai. Licensed under the MIT license.

vcl-styles-plugins - Skining plugins for third party installers and apps

  •    Pascal

The VCL Styles Plugins is a collection of plugins for skining third party installers and apps using the VCL Styles. This plugin (dll) allow skin the installers created by Inno Setup. for more info check this page.

react-polymorph - React components with highly customizable logic, markup and styles.

  •    Javascript

React Polymorph is a UI framework for React, that separates logic, markup and theming of components. It's inspired by react-toolbox (but more flexible), powered by CSS Modules and harmoniously integrates with your webpack workflow, although you can use any other module bundler. Each component's skin that you apply to your component will receive its styles (css/scss) via a theme. React-polymorph comes with Simple themes & skins out of the box, but all themes are completely customizable.

chrly - Lightweight implementation of Minecraft skins system server

  •    Go

Chrly is a lightweight implementation of Minecraft skins system server with ability to proxy requests to Mojang's skins system. It's packaged and distributed as a Docker image and can be downloaded from Dockerhub. App is written in Go, can withstand heavy loads and is production ready. You can easily install Chrly using docker-compose. The configuration below (save it as docker-compose.yml) can be used to start a Chrly server. It relies on CHRLY_SECRET and CHRLY_SIGNING_KEY environment variables that you must set before running docker-compose up -d. Other possible variables are described below.

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