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DotNetNuke Skins Pack

We derive html/css template from http://www.freecsstemplates.org and apply to DotNetNuke 4 & 5 Skins Pack.

JSkin C# WinForms Skin Library

jSkin is .NET Winforms Skin Library that allows you to decorate your Formborder with custom style.

DNN Future Gravity

This revised skin is a slightly updated version of the skin that comes with DNN v7.

Ultimate Dotnetnuke Skin Object

Ultimate Skin Object is a Dotnetnuke 5.4.2+ extension that will allow you to easily change your skins doc type, remove unneeded css files, inject extra css files, inject extra javascript files & load JQuery in your skin quickly & easily ;)

DotNetNuke Demo SkinObjects

A collection of skin objects for DotNetNuke designed to make demonstrations easier for people.

WPF Theme Replacer

This library allows users to provide their own resource dictionaries to replace the default theme dictionaries loaded by WPF. This will make it so you don't have to decorate custom styles with BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ...}}" and other benefits.

skin-tone - Change the skin tone of an emoji

The Fitzpatrick scale is used to specify skin tones for emoji characters which represent humans.Emoji to modify.