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hexo-generator-sitemap - Sitemap generator for Hexo.

  •    Javascript

Generate sitemap.You can configure this plugin in _config.yml.

sitemap-static - Make a sitemap for a static website based on files on disk

  •    Javascript

Use in the root directory of the files on the site. This will only add files with .html extensions to the sitemap.

jstoxml - JavaScript object to XML converter

  •    Javascript

Everyone loves JSON, and more and more folks want to move that direction, but we still need things outputted in XML! Particularly for RSS feeds and Podcasts. This is inspired by node-jsontoxml, which was found to be a bit too rough around the edges. jstoxml attempts to fix that by being more flexible.

Sitemap - PHP XML Sitemap Generation

  •    PHP

Generating a typical (<urlset>) sitemap. Generating a parent (<sitemapindex>) sitemap.

grunt-assemble-sitemap - Assemble middleware for generating sitemaps.

  •    Javascript

Visit the plugins docs for more info or for help getting started. See sitemaps.org for detail XML tag definitions.

python-sitemap - Mini website crawler to make sitemap from a website.

  •    Python

Simple script to crawl websites and create a sitemap.xml of all public link in it.

sitepod - A Sitemap Generator written in PHP

  •    PHP

Sitepod; A Sitemap Generator written in PHP. Sitepod is build using the Fat-Free Framework, a powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to build dynamic and robust web applications. This will install Sitepod into a directory structure vendor/nasa/sitepod/ relative to wherever the command was executed.

middleman-sitemap-ping - Middleman extension to ping search engines (Google and Bing) with a sitemap URL

  •    Ruby

Use version 1.x of this gem for Middleman 4 or 0.x for Middleman 3. Once the extension is activated, it will ping the search engines automatically every time you build your site (unless you set config.after_build = false).

grunt-sitemap - Grunt plugin for generating sitemaps

  •    CoffeeScript

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.5. sitemap is a multitask, so you can use it similarly to lint, watch etc...

algolia-sitemap - a node library allowing you to generate sitemaps from an Algolia index.

  •    Javascript

This is a node library allowing you to generate sitemaps from an Algolia index. Requires node v6+ (make an issue if this is a problem for you).

sitemap-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin to generate a sitemap.

  •    Javascript

Webpack plugin to generate a sitemap. Designed to work with static-site-generator-webpack-plugin (although it also works great by itself). For webpack 4, use version 0.6 or greater. For webpack <= 3, use version 0.5.x.

PrestaSitemapBundle - A symfony bundle that provides tools to build a rich application sitemap

  •    PHP

PrestaSitemapBundle is a Symfony XML sitemap generator. A sandbox is available in a dedicated GitHub repository.

yii2-sitemap - A Yii2 extension to generate sitemap files for large web-sites in console

  •    PHP

If you discover any security related issues, please email zhelyabuzhsky@icloud.com instead of using the issue tracker. GNU General Public License, version 3. Please see License File for more information.

slinky - web crawler just for links

  •    Javascript

Slinky is a web crawler, but just for the links between webpages. Slinky is intended to be used to visualize the routes and structure behind a website by collecting hyperlinks. If you decide to print out the source code and drop it down a flight of stairs, you may not be disappointed either.

express-sitemap-xml - Serve sitemap.xml from a list of URLs in Express

  •    Javascript

Create an Express middleware that serves sitemap.xml from a list of URLs. This package automatically handles sitemaps with more than 50,000 URLs. In these cases, multiple sitemap files will be generated along with a "sitemap index" to comply with the sitemap spec and requirements from search engines like Google.

php-sitemap - Standalone sitemap builder 100% standards compliant.

  •    PHP

Builds sitemaps for pages, images and media files and provides a class to submit them to search engines. This component builds sitemaps supported by the main search engines, Google and Bing, in xml and gzip formats.

sitemap - Google sitemap builder for Laravel

  •    PHP

Sitemap is a package built specifically for Laravel that will help you generate XML sitemaps for Google. Based on laravel-sitemap this package operates in a slightly different way to better fit the needs of our project. A facade is used to access the sitemap class and we have added the ability to produce sitemap indexes as well as sitemaps. Furthermore, it's tested. Read more about sitemaps and how to use them efficiently on Google Webmaster Tools.

grav-plugin-sitemap - Grav Sitemap Plugin

  •    PHP

Sitemap is a Grav Plugin that generates a map of your pages in XML format that is easily understandable and indexable by Search engines. Installing the Sitemap plugin can be done in one of two ways. Our GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the plugin with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file.

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