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  •    CSS

You can install both with an easily from the Node website.

assemble-boilerplate-site - Demonstrates how to use Assemble to build a site

  •    Javascript

Boilerplate for generating a basic static site with Assemble. You may find outdated information or examples in this project. While we're refactoring, you might be more interested in boilerplate-bootstrap in the meantime.

website - Monaca Website.

  •    HTML

This repository contains assets and other public materials that are published on http://monaca.io Website. Compiled files will be placed into here.

particle-iot.github.io - Spark open source site at http://particle-iot.github.io/

  •    HTML

The website for organizing all of Particle's open source repositories. This repository generates static content using Assemble, a Jekyll-like static site generator for Node.js.