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grapesjs - Free and Open source Web Builder Framework

  •    Javascript

Generally any 'template system', that you'd find in various applications like CMS, is composed by the structure (HTML), style (CSS) and variables, which are then replaced with other templates and contents on server-side and rendered on client.


  •    CSS

You can install both with an easily from the Node website.

assemble-boilerplate-site - Demonstrates how to use Assemble to build a site

  •    Javascript

Boilerplate for generating a basic static site with Assemble. You may find outdated information or examples in this project. While we're refactoring, you might be more interested in boilerplate-bootstrap in the meantime.

jstatic - Grunt plugin for static webpages generation

  •    Javascript

A simple, easily extensible, static documents generation task for Grunt. Read jstatic - Flexible static site generation for an introduction to jstatic concepts. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named jstatic to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

website - Monaca Website.

  •    HTML

This repository contains assets and other public materials that are published on http://monaca.io Website. Compiled files will be placed into here.

particle-iot.github.io - Spark open source site at http://particle-iot.github.io/

  •    HTML

The website for organizing all of Particle's open source repositories. This repository generates static content using Assemble, a Jekyll-like static site generator for Node.js.