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MathWorks_tools - Scripts and tools created by ADI to be used with MATLAB and Simulink with ADI products

  •    VHDL

Scripts and tools created by ADI to be used with MATLAB and Simulink with ADI products. If you have any questions about these scripts/tools, please ask on the Engineerzone.

wb-toolbox - Simulink Toolbox for rapid prototyping of Whole Body Robot Controllers

  •    C++

This toolbox allows non-programming experts and researchers approaching Whole Body Control to more easily develop controllers on either simulated or real YARP-based robotic platforms. Develop to deployment time is minimized by exploiting the rich variety of Simulink's toolboxes and its capabilities on rapid prototyping and visual debugging. Visit the WB-Toolbox Website for more informations.

ExecutionGraph - Fast Generic Execution Graph/Network

  •    C++

This library is in alpha and still under development. First usable version will be v1.1. Note: This library is under heavy development on the dev branch! Forking should mainly be considered for looking around, or contributing of course. At the moment there are some major design flaws which make the Library not less usable but unpractical in the future, these flaws need to be fixed first. For easy building, all dependencies are searched, downloaded and built if not found, during the first super build run.

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