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aws-lib - Extensible Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services API

  •    Javascript

A simple Node.js library to communicate with the Amazon Web Services API. Richard Rodger maintains a user-friendly SimpleDB library which is based on aws-lib.

AWS SimpleDB Browser


A basic GUI browser tool for inspection and querying of a SimpleDB.

SimpleDB for Euss


SimpleDB provider for Euss



MultiCore is a compute cloud wrapper written in c# and supports a simple db role, membership and profile provider. Also offers support for easier Simple DB access. Includes the latest amazon libraries. Azure support coming soon.

simpledb - An Amazon AWS SimpleDB library for Node.js that is user-friendly and fault-tolerant

  •    Javascript

NOTE: this project follows the Open-Open policy - if you submit a pull request or an issue, you get commit rights, so feel free to merge yourself after asking for feedback from the other contribs. IMPORTANT: YOUR CODE CONTRIBUTIONS (if any) ARE MADE UNDER THE MIT LICENSE. By submitting a pull request or issue you indicate agreement with this condition.

winston-simpledb - A SimpleDB transport for winston.

  •    Javascript

The winston-simpledb module allows you to log your winston messages to Amazon's SimpleDB. winston-simpledb is just like any other transport for winston. When adding it to winston, it takes some options so that it knows where to log to SimpleDB.

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