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cheet.js - easy easter eggs (konami code, etc) for your website.

  •    Javascript

Map a sequence of keypresses to a callback. This can be called multiple times. A string representation of a sequence of key names.


  •    Silverlight

Bugs for silverlight and html5


  •    CSharp

Halloween project prank to mischievously grab windows and move them around. Primarily moves windows around, shakes the screen, sends random keyboard and mouse events.

table-flip - Not the exceptions we need, but the ones we deserve.

  •    PHP

Note that the parentheses used in the class/function names here are U+FF08 FULLWIDTH LEFT PARENTHESIS and U+FF09 FULLWIDTH RIGHT PARENTHESIS since normal parens (U+0028/U+0029) are not allowed in PHP labels. Similarly, the customary space is omitted entirely to make this a valid PHP label.

happy-angry-surprised - A very silly, web based, Firebase and Cloud Vision API multiplayer game that works exactly the same as Rock, Paper, Scissor - except with facial emotions

  •    Javascript

Happy, Angry, Surprised is a very simple, silly, web based multiplayer game that works exactly the same as Rock, Paper, Scissor - except with facial emotions. The browser takes a photo of each of the player's faces, and depending on which emotion is displayed (determined through Cloud Vision API), a player will win, lose or draw.

seisplot - Plots seismic, sorta

  •    Jupyter

A utility for plotting SEG-Y files. If you don't already have a reliable Python installation, and know how to wield it, I recommend downloading and installing Anaconda.

ljsp - Lisp in your language.

  •    Javascript

A toy Lisp implemented using arrays and functions in Javascript. If you're wondering why such an abomination exists, then go check out the blog post that is responsible for its inception. For more involved examples, take a look in the examples/ directory. To run an example, use bin/run-example example-name.json.