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slugify - Converts a string to a slug

  •    PHP

Converts a string into a slug. Developed by Florian Eckerstorfer in Vienna, Europe with the help of many great contributors.

Pimple - A small PHP 5.3 dependency injection container

  •    PHP

This is the documentation for Pimple 3.x. If you are using Pimple 1.x, read the Pimple 1.x documentation. Reading the Pimple 1.x code is also a good way to learn more about how to create a simple Dependency Injection Container (recent versions of Pimple are more focused on performance). Pimple is a small Dependency Injection Container for PHP.

Silex-Skeleton - A skeleton to get started with Silex

  •    PHP

WARNING: Silex is in maintenance mode only. Ends of life is set to June 2018. Read more on Symfony's blog. Welcome to the Silex Skeleton - a fully-functional Silex application that you can use as the skeleton for your new applications.

Bolt CMS - A tool for Content Management, which strives to be as simple and straightforward as possible

  •    PHP

Bolt is a fully open source, adaptable platform for building and running modern websites. It's built on PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, API-Platform and more. Bolt can be used as a traditional CMS or headless/decoupled. It is fully multilingual, and extensible using custom code in your projects, or through extensions installed from the Composer ecosystem.

silex-capsule - A Laravel Eloquent ORM/Capsule service provider for Silex

  •    PHP

This is a service provider for the Silex Micro Framework that integrates Laravel's Eloquent ORM via Capsule, its standalone wrapper implementation.For more information about the available options you should refer to the Capsule documentation.

cache-service-provider - A Cache Service Provider for Silex, using the doctrine/cache package

  •    PHP

This service provider for Silex uses the Doctrine Cache library to provide a cache service to a Silex application as well as to other service providers. For an application wide cache use the default cache by setting the default key in cache.options with the cache definition.

silex-starter-pack - A starter pack for beginning development with the Silex PHP framework

  •    PHP

A starter pack for beginning development with the Silex PHP framework. Includes a basic admin control panel, and user login system.

php-getting-started - Getting Started with PHP on Heroku

  •    HTML

A barebones PHP app that makes use of the Silex web framework, which can easily be deployed to Heroku. This application supports the Getting Started with PHP on Heroku article - check it out.

FacebookServiceProvider - Silex service provider that injects the Facebook SDK as a service

  •    PHP

Silex Service Provider for loading the Facebook SDK into your apps. FacebookServiceProvider uses Composer, which makes installing it dead simple.

ResponsibleServiceProvider - Silex service provider for seamless HTTP content negotiation

  •    PHP

A Silex ServiceProvider for automagic response formatting. Register it in your application.


  •    PHP

Silex is a microframework in PHP based on Symfony2 components. Pagoda Box is a PaaS for easy PHP hosting. This, silex-example, tries to bring the two together by showing an example on how a Silex app could be structured and configured to work on Pagoda. Download the latest silex.phar file to vendor/silex/silex.phar.

cacheable-site-silex - Develop cacheable sites by levering HTTP

  •    HTML

This piece of example code uses the Silex framework to illustrate how you can leverage HTTP to develop cacheable sites. The output that this example code generates is highly cacheable. We don't keep track of state using cookies and the proper Cache-Control headers are used to store the output in an HTTP cache.

redbean-service-provider - A RedBean ORM ServiceProvider for Silex.

  •    PHP

A RedBean ORM ServiceProvider for Silex. Define a db.options array in $app with dsn, user, password and frozen entries. Or just pass the array while registering. see below.

superleansilexplate - Silex Superlean Starter

  •    ApacheConf

This project is supposed to be a lean starterkit for your Silex app. Its superlean, so basically only essential things are included. It aims mainly at simple applications that need routing and just some additional logic. F.e. its a good container for javascript driven apps that get their data through API calls.

instatom - simple php atom feed providers for instagram

  •    HTML

This script is written in PHP, based on Silex and Twig. Very simple, it can be used as a Silex minimalist demo. Instagram is a proprietary trade mark from Facebook, Inc. This is not affiliated to Facebook, Inc.

PayumServer - Payment processing microservice. Written in Symfony4

  •    PHP

PHP 7.1+ Payment processing server. Setup once and rule them all. Here you can find a good introduction to what it does and what problems it solves. and run docker-compose up. You server will be at localhost:8080 port.

Silex-Connect - A Silex service provider for SensioLabs Connect

  •    PHP

If the user is not defined, it will be created for you with the special ROLE_CONNECT_USER role. If you want some special roles for some users, just pass them to the constructor (like for 4aed4f5d-e0cb-4320-902f-885fddaa7d15).

generator-angular-silex - yeoman generator to build silex angularized projects

  •    Javascript

Dubai, 26/02/2014. I'm not working on this project since long time. The code is very old and a lot of things are changed in generator-angular (some also in silex-kitchen-edition). I don't suggest to use this generator.

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