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node-binary - Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers and streams

  •    Javascript

Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers and streams. You can specify the endianness and signedness of the fields to be unpacked too.This module is a cleaner and more complete version of bufferlist's binary module that runs on pre-allocated buffers instead of a linked list.

msdf-bmfont - Generate BMFont texture and spec using msdfgen

  •    Javascript

Converts a .ttf font file into multichannel signed distance fields, then outputs packed spritesheets and a json representation of an AngelCode BMfont.Signed distance fields are a method of reproducing vector shapes from a texture representation, popularized in this paper by Valve. This tool uses Chlumsky/msdfgen to generate multichannel signed distance fields to preserve corners. The distance fields are created from vector fonts, then rendered into texture pages. A BMFont object is provided for character layout.

create-cert - Super simple self signed certificates

  •    Javascript

create-cert is a convenient wrapper around the pem module. It generates a self signed certificate with sensible defaults along with an associated CA certificate to validate against. It has a Promise based API and returns the keys in a format that can be passed directly into https.createServer.Returns a Promise which resolves to a keys object.

appfeed - version feed for trusted application delivery

  •    Javascript

Return a duplex stream to replicate with another appfeed.cb(err, doc) fires with the doc.key of this release.

canvas-text - [experiment] better Canvas2D text rendering

  •    Javascript

Easier Canvas2D text rendering.This still has some bugs that is cutting off text in places. If you'd like to contribute, drop me a line in the issues. For now, the current version is unstable 0.x and undocumented until bugs are smoothed out.

image-sdf - generate a signed distance field from an image

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool which takes a 4-channel RGBA image and generates a signed distance field. The bitmask is determined by pixels with alpha over 128 and any RGB channel over 128.The code has been adpated from libgdx.

comparable-storable-types - read, write, and compare binary types

  •    Javascript

Use this module if you want uniform access for reading, writing, comparison, sizes, and minimum/maximum values for a bunch of different machine types.This module was built specifically for implementing a range of types for spatial trees on disk.

int64-buffer - 64bit Long Integer on Buffer/ArrayBuffer in Pure JavaScript

  •    Javascript

JavaScript's number based on IEEE-754 could only handle 53 bits precision. This module provides two pair of classes: Int64BE/Uint64BE and Int64LE/Uint64LE which could hold 64 bits long integer and loose no bit. Int64BE is the class to host a 64 bit signed long integer int64_t.


  •    Julia

Using the default Int or UInt types allows overflow and underflow errors to occur silently, without notice. These incorrect values propagate and such errors are difficult to recognize after the fact. This package exports safer versions. These types check for overflow and underflow in each of the basic arithmetic functions. The processing will stop with a message in the event of overflow or underflow. On one machine, the overhead relative to the built-in integer types is <= 1.2x.

gpg-mailer - GnuPG-encrypted emails made easy

  •    PHP

Send GPG-encrypted emails (using zend-mail and Crypt_GPG). To add signing, we pass the signing key to the third argument of the GPGMailer constructor.

selfsigned - Generate self-signed certificates from node.js

  •    Javascript

Generate a self signed x509 certificate from node.js. If you are in an environment where servers require client certificates, you can generate client keys signed by the original (server) key.


  •    Javascript

IntN.js is a library for representing and working with arbitrary byte size two's complement integers in JavaScript, both signed and unsigned. Its purpose is to provide a robust and convenient way to work with data types that are not available in JavaScript natively, like 64 bit longs. The module exports a function that creates singleton classes representing integers of the specified size in bits (positive multiple of 8). It is compatible with CommonJS and AMD loaders and is exposed globally as dcodeIO.IntN if neither is available.

create-ssl-certificate - Command line tool to create self signed SSL certificate

  •    Javascript

Based on the following amazing GIST. This will create a certificate for the domain: FOLDER_NAME.dev and any subdomain.

golang-https-example - Extremely simple HTTPS client in Go, along with all the openssl commands to make certs work

  •    Go

Solution: The certificate served by https_server is self signed. This message means that the Go lang https library can't find a way to trust the certificate the server is responding with. There are two possible solutions.

sicherboot - systemd-boot integration with secure boot support

  •    Shell

sicher*boot automatically installs systemd-boot and kernels for it into the ESP, signed with keys generated by it. The signing keys are stored unencrypted and only protected by the file system permissions. Thus, you should make sure that the file system they are stored (usually /etc) in is encrypted.

transparency - Read-only mirror of https://owo.codes/whats-this/transparency


A log of all DMCA takedown requests and their outcome, removed file metadata, and our canary. All dates in this repository are in the format MMM DD, YYYY [HH:mm] or YYYY-MM-DD [HH:mm].

lhttps - Create https for local development environment or localhost.

  •    PHP

Sometimes you need https on your local machine to test some functionality of your application, like payment system, but some of them require a valid https. Like stripe. And you can’t use localhost to request a certificate from issuer like Let’s Encrypt, so your option is to create a self signed certificate authority (CA). This tool make it easy.

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