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bild - A collection of parallel image processing algorithms in pure Go

  •    Go

A collection of parallel image processing algorithms in pure Go.The aim of this project is simplicity in use and development over high performance, but most algorithms are designed to be efficient and make use of parallelism when available. It is based on standard Go packages to reduce dependency use and development abstractions.

rtl_433 - Program to decode traffic from Devices that are broadcasting on 433

  •    C

Read the Test Data section at the bottom. This software is mostly usable for developers right now.

Tone.js - A Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser

  •    Javascript

Tone.js is a Web Audio framework for creating interactive music in the browser. The architecture of Tone.js aims to be familiar to both musicians and audio programmers creating web-based audio applications. On the high-level, Tone offers common DAW (digital audio workstation) features like a global transport for synchronizing and scheduling events as well as prebuilt synths and effects. Additionally, Tone provides high-performance building blocks to create your own synthesizers, effects, and complex control signals.

pyo - Python DSP module - ajaxsoundstudio.com

  •    C

pyo is a Python module written in C to help digital signal processing script creation. pyo is a Python module containing classes for a wide variety of audio signal processing types. With pyo, user will be able to include signal processing chains directly in Python scripts or projects, and to manipulate them in real time through the interpreter. Tools in pyo module offer primitives, like mathematical operations on audio signal, basic signal processing (filters, delays, synthesis generators, etc.), but also complex algorithms to create sound granulation and others creative audio manipulations. pyo supports OSC protocol (Open Sound Control), to ease communications between softwares, and MIDI protocol, for generating sound events and controlling process parameters. pyo allows creation of sophisticated signal processing chains with all the benefits of a mature, and widely used, general programming language.

klio - Smarter data pipelines for audio.

  •    Python

Klio is an ecosystem that allows you to process audio files – or any binary files – easily and at scale. Klio jobs are opinionated data pipelines in Python (streaming or batch) built upon Apache Beam and tuned for audio and binary file processing.

obspy - ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for seismology/seismological observatories.

  •    Python

ObsPy is an open-source project dedicated to provide a Python framework for processing seismological data. It provides parsers for common file formats, clients to access data centers and seismological signal processing routines which allow the manipulation of seismological time series (see Beyreuther et al. 2010, Megies et al. 2011, Krischer et al. 2015). The goal of the ObsPy project is to facilitate rapid application development for seismology.

madmom - Python audio and music signal processing library

  •    Python

Madmom is an audio signal processing library written in Python with a strong focus on music information retrieval (MIR) tasks. The library is internally used by the Department of Computational Perception, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria (http://www.cp.jku.at) and the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), Vienna, Austria (http://www.ofai.at).

gnss-sdr - GNSS-SDR, an open source GNSS software defined receiver

  •    C++

Visit gnss-sdr.org for more information about this open source GNSS software defined receiver. If you have questions about GNSS-SDR, please subscribe to the gnss-sdr-developers mailing list and post your questions there.

Wavelet Studio

  •    CSharp

C# library to assist the signal processing with Wavelet Analysis.

WFDB C# Wrapper Library


The Wfdb C# Wrapper Library is a .NET library written in C# that encapsulates the WFDB -Waveform Database native interface library. This class library has been

Strugatzki - Algorithms for matching audio file similarities

  •    Scala

Strugatzki is a Scala library containing several algorithms for audio feature extraction, with the aim of similarity and dissimilarity measurements. They have been originally used in my live electronic piece "Inter-Play/Re-Sound", then successively in the tape piece "Leere Null", the sound installation "Writing Machine", and the tape piece "Leere Null (2)". (C)opyright 2011–2017 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1+ and comes with absolutely no warranties. To contact the author, send an email to contact at sciss.de.

FScape - A standalone audio rendering software for time domain and spectral signal processing.

  •    Java

FScape is a standalone, cross-platform audio rendering software. FScape is (C)opyright 2001–2018 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved.

brain-monitor - A terminal app written in Node.js to monitor brain signals in real-time

  •    Javascript

brain-monitor is a command line dashboard that displays your raw brain signals in real time. Make sure your EPOC headset is connected, and your terminal is not too tiny.

wits - A Node.js library that reads your mind with Emotiv EPOC EEG headset

  •    C++

wits lets you monitor your brain activity. It is an interface to Emotiv EPOC headsets, and reflects what goes on in your mind. This project depends on external libraries like hidapi and mcrypt for USB communication. If you have both hidapi and mcrypt, you can skip this step.

pycwt - A Python module for continuous wavelet spectral analysis

  •    Python

A Python module for continuous wavelet spectral analysis. It includes a collection of routines for wavelet transform and statistical analysis via FFT algorithm. In addition, the module also includes cross-wavelet transforms, wavelet coherence tests and sample scripts. Please read the documentation here.

kalman-clib - Microcontroller targeted C library for Kalman filtering

  •    C

Microcontroller targeted naive Kalman filter implementation in pure C using code ported from the Efficient Java Matrix Library. The project is licensed under the MIT license, a copy of which can be found in LICENSE.md.

kafbox - A Matlab benchmarking toolbox for kernel adaptive filtering

  •    Matlab

A Matlab benchmarking toolbox for kernel adaptive filtering. Kernel adaptive filters are online machine learning algorithms based on kernel methods. Typical applications include time-series prediction, nonlinear adaptive filtering, tracking and online learning for nonlinear regression. This toolbox includes algorithms, demos, and tools to compare their performance.

kmbox - Kernel Methods Toolbox for Matlab/Octave

  •    Matlab

The Kernel Methods Toolbox (KMBOX) is a collection of MATLAB programs that implement kernel-based algorithms, with a focus on regression algorithms and online algorithms. It can be used for nonlinear signal processing and machine learning. KMBOX includes implementations of algorithms such as kernel principal component analysis (KPCA), kernel canonical correlation analysis (KCCA) and kernel recursive least-squares (KRLS).

bob - Bob is a free signal-processing and machine learning toolbox originally developed by the Biometrics group at Idiap Research Institute, in Switzerland

  •    Python

Bob is a free signal-processing and machine learning toolbox originally developed by the Biometrics group at the Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland. The toolbox is written in a mix of Python and C++ and is designed to be both efficient and reduce development time. It is composed of a reasonably large number of packages that implement tools for image, audio & video processing, machine learning & pattern recognition, and a lot more task specific packages.

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