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Sia - Your decentralized private cloud

  •    Go

Sia is a new decentralized cloud storage platform that radically alters the landscape of cloud storage. By leveraging smart contracts, client-side encryption, and sophisticated redundancy (via Reed-Solomon codes), Sia allows users to safely store their data with hosts that they do not know or trust. The result is a cloud storage marketplace where hosts compete to offer the best service at the lowest price. And since there is no barrier to entry for hosts, anyone with spare storage capacity can join the network and start making money.

Sia-Android - Android app for the decentralized cloud storage platform Sia

  •    Kotlin

This app serves as an Android client for the decentralized cloud storage platform Sia. Sia has the potential to disrupt the cloud storage industry, and a successful mobile app for Sia will greatly help in making this a reality. This app aims to be that. This app is developed independently by me. It is not an official Nebulous Labs product.

us - An alternative interface to Sia

  •    Go

us is an alternative interface to the Sia network. It provides low-level, developer-oriented APIs and formats that facilitate the storage and retrieval of files on Sia. "Low-level" means that us generally avoids making decisions on behalf of the user. For example, when renting storage, the user must decide which hosts to form contracts with, how many coins to spend on each contract, when to renew contracts, when to migrate data to new hosts, etc. These questions do not have simple answers; they vary according to the context and goals of the user. Recognizing this, the us philosophy is to provide the user with a set of building blocks rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. us enables you to do a number of cool things with Sia that were previously infeasible, difficult, or inefficient. You can specify exactly which hosts you want to use. You can collect data on exactly how much you paid to download a file, and exactly how long it took the host to transfer it to you. You can use this information to manually blacklist hosts, selecting only the cheapest or fastest hosts when downloading. You can "pack" multiple files into a single uploaded sector: if you're uploading an album of JPEGs averaging 250 KB each, this reduces storage and bandwidth costs by about 16x. You can download one of those JPEGs without downloading the full sector, too. You can trivially share files, just by sending the metadata to a friend. You can stream files over HTTP or mount a virtual Sia filesystem with FUSE, enjoying low latency as a result of partial downloads. You can upload and download without needing to run a full consensus node. And most importantly, you can build apps that leverage Sia to store and serve content.

skynet-js - A Javascript module made to simplify communication with Sia Skynet portals from the browser

  •    TypeScript

A Javascript module made to simplify communication with Sia Skynet portals from the browser. The latest stable major version is v3. There are many breaking changes from v2.

docker-sia - The official docker image for the Sia daemon

  •    Dockerfile

When we reach version 1.6 we are going to switch our dev image from Alpine to Debian. Together with this we'll introduce a new dev-alpine image and we'll remove dev-debian. In the end we'll have the same setup but the naming will be consistent with sia:latest (Debian) and sia:alpine-latest (Alpine). Important: Never publish port 9980 to all interfaces. This is a security-sensitive API, so only expose it beyond if you know what you're doing.

nodejs-skynet - Library for integrating Skynet into Node.js applications

  •    Javascript

An SDK for integrating Skynet into Node.js applications. For documentation complete with examples, please see the Skynet SDK docs.

muse - A contract server for Sia

  •    Go

muse is a contract server for Sia. It provides contracts to apps like user so that they can store and retrieve files on Sia hosts. This means that you can administrate your contracts (choose hosts, form contracts with them, and renew those contracts periodically) in a single place and use them on any of your devices. Alternatively, you can offload this responsibility to a third party who runs a muse server on your behalf. To run a muse server, you will need access to a shard server (to lookup host IP addresses) and a walrus server (to fund contract transactions). For convenience, I run public instances of these services. My shard server address is http://shard.lukechampine.com, and you can get a personal walrus server by visiting https://narwal.lukechampine.com.

user - A CLI renter for Sia

  •    Go

user is a CLI renter for Sia. It is an alternative to siad's renter module. The biggest difference is that user is a program that you invoke to perform specific actions, whereas siad is a daemon that runs continuously in the background. The other major difference is that siad manages your contracts for you by select good hosts, maintaining a pool of usuable contracts, and automatically renewing contracts when necessary. user, by contrast, offloads these responsibilities to a muse server. user provides some functionality that siad does not. It allows you to upload and download with having to run a full node; it efficiently stores small files; it makes it easy to share files with your friends; and more. On the other hand, since user does not run in the background, it cannot automatically repair your files like siad does.

walrus - A wallet server for Sia

  •    Go

walrus is a Sia wallet server. It presents a low-level, performant API that is suitable for private, professional, and commercial use. The server itself does not store seeds or private keys, and therefore cannot sign transactions; these responsibilities are handled by the client. Accordingly, walrus works well with Sia-compatible hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S. API docs for the server are available here.

good-karma-kit - 😇 A Docker Compose bundle to run on servers with spare CPU, RAM, disk, and bandwidth to help the world


A Docker Compose project to run on servers with spare CPU, disk, and bandwidth. Help the world by contributing your unused computing power to good causes. Or use the web dashboards / leaderboards for each service listed below.

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