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shrinkpack - Fast, resilient, reproducible builds with npm install.

  •    Javascript

Shrinkpack complements the npm shrinkwrap command by maintaining a node_shrinkwrap directory in your project, containing the exact same tarballs that npm install downloads from https://registry.npmjs.org. The rest of the npm install process is exactly the same. The only difference is that no network activity is necessary when installing and building your project. The node_shrinkwrap directory can be ignored in your editor (much like is done with the node_modules directory) but is instead checked into source control.

bower-shrinkwrap-resolver - Missing shrinkwrap for Bower

  •    Javascript

Missing shrinkwrap for Bower.Bower must be >= 1.5 (tested on Bower 1.7.7).

npm-utils - node security project npm utilities

  •    Javascript

Return the full package document for the given module.Get a depTree for the module from a full npm-shrinkwrap.json. shrinkwrapJson should be an object from a parsed npm-shrinkwrap.json file (or look like one): required keys: name, version, dependencies.

npm-merge-driver - git merge driver for resolving conflicts in npm-related files

  •    Javascript

Next time your lockfile has a conflict, it will be automatically fixed. You don't need to do anything else.The following section is only for advanced configuration of the driver if you have specific needs.


  •    Javascript

A simple script to ducttape your dependencies into a subfolder of your package, so they can be installed without NPM registry on deploy. NB! Due to changes in NPM install in version 3.10.8 then shrinkwrap generated with 3.10.8 will not work with earlier versions and vice versa.

npm-seal - Verify that packages installed during development match those installed in production

  •    Javascript

seal can verify that packages installed during development are identical to those installed during deployment. The standard npm shrinkwrap only ensures that package versions are the same, but does not verify contents. seal checks the shasum of the package tarballs downloaded by npm during development and deployment to ensure they are the same.

npm-shrinkwrap-install - Automatic synchronise shrinkwrap file with package install/update/uninstall

  •    Javascript

Automatic synchronise shrinkwrap file with package install/update/uninstall. This is a CLI-only package (for now).

npm-shrinkwrap-check - Util to check that package.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json are in sync.

  •    Javascript

This module is deprecated. If you want to painlessly lock your dependencies and check they are in sync you should use yarn and pretend npm shrinkwrap ( and this module ) never existed. Checks that package.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json files are always in sync so you don't commit out-of-sync dependencies in your code.


  •    Javascript

Node Security Project command line tool

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