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kickmaterial - Crowdfunding app concept for Android

  •    Java

Crowdfunding app concept for Android. Created to showcase new trends in Android development with strong focus on Material Design. For newest versions of libs check the develop branch. Designed and implemented by Outline.

apps - A collection of apps built on Electron

  •    Javascript

A collection of apps built on Electron. electron.atom.io/apps. If you have an Electron application you'd like to see added, please read the contributing doc.

WhatsNewKit - Showcase your awesome new app features 📱

  •    Swift

WhatsNewKit enables you to easily showcase your awesome new app features. It's designed from the ground up to be fully customized to your needs. The example Application is an excellent way to see WhatsNewKit in action. You get a brief look of the available configuration options and how they affect the look and feel of the WhatsNewViewController. Simply open the WhatsNewKit.xcodeproj and run the WhatsNewKit-Example scheme.

PTShowcaseViewController - An initial implementation of a "showcase" view( controller) for iOS apps

  •    Objective-C

If you have trouble, check out Showcase project in Examples directory for a working example. ℹī¸ Please note: screenshots below are outdated. On devices that run iOS 7 navigationbars and toolbars are actually "flat" and translucent as you would expect.

electrode-explorer - An Electrode application that showcases all of your components in a live demo

  •    Javascript

After the server receives the POST request, it will fetch the package.json file under yourGithubUrl/org/repoName, update data/orgs.json and data/{org}/{repoName}.json files. If there is a newer version, it will try to download the new component through npm (scripts/install-module.sh) after a waiting period, babel transpile, and webpack the demo module (scripts/post-install-module.sh). To make the server update immediately or force an update, add a url parameter to the POST request, /api/update/{org}/{repoName}?updateNow=1.

showcase-ansible-chatops - Vagrant Demo showing ChatOps with Ansible

  •    Shell

This is quick demonstration of the StackStorm event-driven automation platform running with Ansible configuration management tool and Hubot ChatOps engine. The objective is to operate servers with Ansible directly from Slack chat.It will get you up and running with chatops control VM with all St2 components prepared as well as Ansible and Hubot configured. Additionally, it installs 2 Ubuntu VMs: web server with nginx and db server with mysql.

movie-database-spa - SPA example

  •    Javascript

Please note: Heroku is shutting down the app from time to time to save resources. Initial loading times may therefore be slow. You need to have the following applications installed in order to build and run this application.

yiipowered - Yii powered websites showcase

  •    PHP

Showcase of Yii powered websites and projects. The minimum requirement by this project template that your Web server supports PHP 7.0.

colors-show - Present your application colors with style.

  •    Javascript

Present your application colors with style. colors - object / required - Map of colors where key is a name and value is a color in CSS one of css formats.

Android-Stocks - Experimental Android app with MVVM architecture

  •    Java

Experimental Android app with MVVM architecture. Purpose of this project is to explore different architectural approaches and also "new age" technologies like Android Data Binding, RxJava, Lambdas, Retrofit, Dagger etc. This project is based on MVVM architecture and uses Alfonz library. Alfonz Arch module is basically a wrapper for Android Architecture Components library. It provides some additional features and convenient methods. If you are interested in MVVM architecture, you can check my talk about MVVM which I presented at STRV Android Meetup. See the video record or slides for more info. Alfonz Arch module uses a similar approach which I describe in the presentation.

ShowCaseView - :flashlight:The ShowcaseView library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a attractive and flat overlay

  •    Java

You can improve/fix some part of it . Assuming that the code in question already has automated (unit) tests, do add tests for the code you submit. This isn't a hard rule. There are various cases where you may need to add code without test coverage (e.g. when adding a Object), but if it can be tested, it should be tested.

haxeflixel.com - haxeflixel.com docpad source

  •    CSS

This is the source of haxeflixel.com. It is made with a Node.js static site generator called DocPad. You can compile this website yourself with a local install of DocPad, pull requests are welcome.

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