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  •    Java

Drag RCTSplashScreen.xcodeproj to your project on Xcode. Click on your main project file (the one that represents the .xcodeproj) select Build Phases and drag libRCTSplashScreen.a from the Products folder inside the RCTSplashScreen.xcodeproj.

rn-splash-screen - A JavaScript-controlled splash-screen for React Native designed to be run directly after the native splash-screen

  •    Objective-C

A JavaScript-controlled splash-screen designed to be run directly after the native splash-screen. The splash screen must be hidden from JavaScript. This can be done as late as possible so as to give your application more time to "load".

videoshow - Simple node

  •    Javascript

Simple utility for node/io.js to create straightforward video slideshows based on images using ffmpeg, with additional features such as audio, subtitles and fade in/out transitions between slides.videoshow is used in production rendering thousands of videos per month.

fireworks - @nodeconf July 4th Fireworks

  •    Javascript

Well, @mikeal said we can't blow shit up and light stuff on fire. Something about not burning down the entire forest, blah blah blah. So instead we're going to have a virtual fireworks show.Special thanks to Kevin Decker for the canvas code powering the simulator.

show-time - Watch TV shows and movies with a simple CLI

  •    Javascript

Those steps are optional, you can just run show-time and skip the feed option, you'll be in "Browse mode" by default. Binding arbitrary free ports and not playing video means you can run the command as many times as you want.

preview-email - Automatically opens your browser to preview Node

  •    HTML

NOTE: You should probably just use email-templates directly instead of using this package.The function previewEmail returns a Promise which resolves with a URL. We automatically open the browser to this URL unless you specify the third argument open as false (see Options for more info).

ndarray-show - display an ndarray

  •    Javascript

Return a string representation s of the ndarray m.If you pass in a non-ndarray array-like structure for m, it will be converted into a 1-dimensional ndarray.

cli-cursor - Toggle the CLI cursor

  •    Javascript

The cursor is gracefully restored if the process exits.force is useful to show or hide the cursor based on a boolean.

git-file - read file and directory data from a git repo as streams

  •    Javascript

List the contents of a directory dir at the revision ref.Returns a stream with a 'data' event for each file where directories have a trailing '/'.

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