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YOURLS - 🔗 Your Own URL Shortener

  •    PHP

YOURLS is a set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run Your Own URL Shortener. You'll have full control over your data, detailed stats, analytics, plugins, and more. It's free. To get started, check yourls.org! Learn more tweaks in the Wiki documentation.

Short URL Creator


Short URL Creator is an application for the creation of tiny url, very useful in microblogging services like twitter, the app uses the sevices of TinyURL, TinyArro.ws, Bit.ly, kissa.be, Is.gd, tr.im, Cort.as, u.nu and Karmacracy. It's developed in C# using the .NET Framework 4

shorturl-egg - shorturl powered by egg

  •    Javascript

see egg docs for more detail. see docs/docker-compose for more detail.

node-shorturl - Simple URL shortener client library for node.js

  •    Javascript

shorturl is a simple, asynchronous client library for common URL shortener services. It currently supports: arseh.at, bit.ly, goo.gl, is.gd, v.gd and string substitution links (with %@). It includes a perky little script for shortening URLs on the command line, also named shorturl. If you need to go deeper, try the more complete client libraries for individual services such as node-bitly or node-googl.

myio - Making your url's shorter one at a time

  •    Javascript

This project started as a project to practice for working on a project in a group. In fact whats more easy then a url shorting service on laravel right? After some time and more and more members joined the project became a bigger thing it even has an own logo for crying out loud lol. First thing you is installing composer on to your system. You can get composer here. Don't worry it might seem intimidating but its really not.

shorturl.cr - A tiny library to use URL shortening services

  •    Crystal

A simple library to use URL shortening services. Inspired by Robby Russell's shorturl.

ShortURL - 短网址生成器,演示地址:http://t.haojima.net/

  •    CSharp


yasuser - Yet another self-hosted URL shortener. | 短域名

  •    Go

Yet another self-hosted URL shortener. Short or Restore your URL, like https://git.io/ or https://goo.gl/ but under YOUR control.

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