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elk-cli - 🌲🌲 Run your URL shortener (à la bit.ly) from the CLI using now

  •    Javascript

elk is a command line tool that allows you to deploy your own URL shortening service (like bit.ly). All you have to do is elk add /twitter https://twitter.com/holtbt and within seconds that URL on your domain will start forwarding. elk is built on top of Zeit's now and zeit.world services. If you've never used these services, they're amazing and fantastic. now allows you to deploy node servers by simply typing now into the CLI of the directory you want to deploy. Within seconds your node server is out in the wild and publically available (they give you a URL to access it.) zeit.world is DNS configuration service. By typing now alias <your deployed now URL> <your own URL> your own domain will now be point at that deployed service (after you've pointed your domain's nameservers at Zeit's.) Be forewarned though that this feature that elk exploits is part of their paid tier (something they well deserve.) elk will still work without the paid tier; you just don't get custom domain support.


  •    Javascript

Generate short id's from MongoDB Object ID's for use in url's or other applications. Id's are generated from the timestamp and counter of the MongoDB Id, with some slight variation. They should be reasonably unique.

node-googl - A Node.js url shortener and expander powered by Google

  •    Javascript

It'll shorten and/or expand one or more URLs at a time. Most methods return promises.

Shortbread - A simple URL shortener. Implemented in Node.js, using Redis as the datastore

  •    Javascript

A simple URL shortener. Implemented in Node.js, using Redis as the datastore, and Express to handle routing. Primarily a personal project to learn a bit about using Redis.

u.ant.design - URL shortener.

  •    Javascript

To generate short URL which is to use in warnings and so on. You can fork this repo, and edit CNAME file with your own domain name.

url-shortener - TheDevs' URL Shortener

  •    Javascript

POST to this URL with a URL of your choice as a request body to create a shortened link. The server will respond with the ID.

shorten_api_tutorial - 🔗How to make a link shortener using Elixir, Phoenix and Mnesia

  •    Elixir

This is a demo fo how you can create a really fast link shortener with Elixir and it's in-memory store Mnesia. Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser.

ursho - URL Shortener Service in Go

  •    Go

.. You can install it using 'go get' or cloning the repository.

ggz - An URL shortener service written in Golang

  •    Go

An URL shortener service written in Golang.

url-shortener - Shitty url shortener, emoji powered. 🌍✌🏼

  •    Javascript

Deploy your own shitty url shortener. Shitty, works well in heroku environment. It requires NodeJS and MongoDB.

s - :cactus: A high-performance, anonymous URL shortener built using Redis + Node

  •    Javascript

A high-performance, anonymous URL shortener built using Redis + Node.js with a API-backed design. s uses Redis as the primary data store which provides excellent performance even at scale. Below are the benchmark results with 10,000 POST requests (10 concurrent connections).

node-bypasser - Bypass URL shortener websites

  •    Javascript

Unit tests may occasionally fail when there are network connectivity issues or when services' servers give bad temporary responses.