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YOURLS - 🔗 Your Own URL Shortener

  •    PHP

YOURLS is a set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run Your Own URL Shortener. You'll have full control over your data, detailed stats, analytics, plugins, and more. It's free. To get started, check yourls.org! Learn more tweaks in the Wiki documentation.

Kutt - Free Modern URL Shortener

  •    Javascript

Kutt is a modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Shorten URLs, manage your links and view the click rate statistics.

bitly - A Ruby wrapper for the bit.ly API

  •    Ruby

Bitly recently released their version 3 API. From this 0.5.0 release, the gem will continue to work the same but also provide a V3 module, using the version 3 API. The standard module will become deprecated, as Bitly do not plan to keep the version 2 API around forever. Then, when you call Bitly.new(username, api_key) you will get a Bitly::V3::Client instead, which provides the version 3 api calls (shorten, expand, clicks, validate and bitly_pro_domain). See http://dev.bitly.com for details.

Polr - A modern, powerful, and robust URL shortener

  •    PHP

Polr is an intrepid, self-hostable open-source link shortening web application with a robust API. It allows you to host your own URL shortener, to brand your URLs, and to gain control over your data. Polr is especially easy to use, and provides a modern, themable feel.

go - Another Google-like Go short link service

  •    Go

Go is Another Google-like Go short link service. Anyone on the corporate network could register a URL shortcut and it would redirect the user to the appropriate page. So for instance, if you wanted to find out more about BigTable, you simply directed your browser at http://go/bigtable and you would be redirected to something about the BigTable data storage system.

shorturl - Self hosted web app for shortening urls (URL shortener)

  •    Go

shorturl is a web app that allows you to create short urls of much longer more complex urls for easier sharing or embedding.By default shorturl stores urls in urls.db in the local directory. This can be configured with the -dbpath /path/to/urls.db option.

myio - Making your url's shorter one at a time

  •    Javascript

This project started as a project to practice for working on a project in a group. In fact whats more easy then a url shorting service on laravel right? After some time and more and more members joined the project became a bigger thing it even has an own logo for crying out loud lol. First thing you is installing composer on to your system. You can get composer here. Don't worry it might seem intimidating but its really not.

ursho - URL Shortener Service in Go

  •    Go

.. You can install it using 'go get' or cloning the repository.

serviceBundle - Integrating with mailing service,uploading image service and so on.

  •    PHP

Integrating with mailing service, uploading image service and so on. It's based on Guzzle,HTTP client.

urlshortener-rs - A very-very simple url shortener for Rust

  •    Rust

A very simple urlshortener for Rust. This library aims to implement as much URL shortener services as possible and to provide an interface as minimal and simple as possible. For easing pain with dependency hell, the library provides request objects since 0.9.0 version which can be used for performing requests via user http-client library.

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