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Prestashop - Free Open-Source shopping cart software for Web 2.0

PrestaShop is a free, open-source e-Commerce shopping cart software that allows you to open your own Internet business in just a few clicks. It has more than 310 features include Catalog Management, content management, Product Displays, Site Management, S.E.O, Checkout, Shipping, Payments, Marketing, Client Account, Translations, Security, Localization/Taxes, Analytics and Reporting and lot more.

OpenCart - A free shopping cart system

OpenCart is a an eCommerce platform for online merchants. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online store. It can manage multiple stores from one admin interface. It has an inbuilt Affiliate system, where affiliates can promote specific products and get paid for this, Support for discounts and coupons, Product Reviews & Ratings, Reward points and lot more.

TomatoCart - Online Shopping Cart Solution

TomatoCart is a new and distinctive open source shopping cart solution. It employs Web2.0 technology such as Ajax and Rich Internet applications (RIAs).Tomato Cart’s application mimics the user experience of desktop Operating System, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment.

Spree - eCommerce solution in Ruby on Rails

Spree is a complete open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. The Spree storefront offers a full feature set and is built on common standards, so you don't have to compromise speed to market, efficiency or innovation. The modular platform allows you to easily configure, supplement or replace any functionality you need, so that you can build the exact storefront that you want.

Groceries Shopping Helper

Groceries Shopping Helper is a Silverlight RIA which will help users create grocery shopping lists. The application can maintain lists, recipes, stores and store locations. Contains a Windows Mobile client that will guide the user thru the store using location order

moneysafe - Convenient, safe money calculations in JS

Convenient, safe money calculations in JS.Money$afe has not yet been tested in production at scale.

dgkala - A simple Go package to interact with Digikala website

This is a simple Go package to interact with Digikala website.Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

carty - A lightweight and simple to use shopping cart library.

A lightweight and simple to use shopping cart library. Carty makes use of ES5 and ES6 features but doesn't ship itself with any polyfills. Make sure to include polyfills if your targeted environments don't support the required features.

cornershop - Shopping cart that saves to LocalStorage.

Shopping cart that saves to LocalStorage. Each cart has a name - this is used for the localstorage variable name and so you can have as many carts as you want.