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themekit - Shopify theme interaction command line tool.

  •    Go

Theme Kit is a cross-platform tool for building Shopify Themes. Theme Kit is a single binary that has no dependencies.

gulp-shopify-theme - Shopify theme synchronisation during development

  •    Javascript

Gulp.js plugin for Shopify theme development. Returns a new instance. The instance will do nothing until .init( options ) is called on it.

awesome-shopify - A curated list of awesome Shopify resources, libraries and open source projects.


A curated list of awesome Shopify resources, libraries and open source projects. If you want to contribute, please read the contribution guidelines.

shopify-email-templates - Shopify HTML email notification templates for quick reference

  •    HTML

Shopify HTML email notifications for quick reference. What you see here are the default liquid email notifications that Shopify provides. You can access these templates from your Shopify store under Settings > Notifications however I found it much easier when making custom HTML email templates to have these all available locally for reference in a text editor.

Ajaxinate - Ajax pagination plugin for Shopify themes

  •    Javascript

Ajax pagination plugin for Shopify themes. Ajaxinate is compiled using gulp. The src file is located in src/ajaxinate.js and built into /dist. Gulp is setup to lint the source with the airbnb style guide. Transpile the code using babel from ES6 to ES5 for best browser support. Create git semantic versioning (semver) releases, with automatic changelog creation.

Concrete - Concrete Shopify Theme Framework

  •    Liquid

Concrete has recently been rebuilt using slate. The latest release is still being tested and may not have all of the same features as the previous release. We are working towards a full stable release and documentation. In the meantime, please feel very welcome to raise issues.

shopify-development-resources - A List of resources for Shopify development


It can be hard to find the right resources for building Shopify apps and themes. Here's the best resources we've found to get you going in the world of Shopify app and theme development. A list of resources that apply to every language.

Shopify-Theme-Framework - Shopify Theme Framework

  •    Liquid

This theme is built almost entirely from the Zurb Foundation framework, and Shopify liquid markup, with a few little extra touches added for good measure. The template is intended as a rapid Shopify theme development framework for developers.

shopify-modern - A modern template for developing Shopify-themes using Vuejs

  •    Liquid

This proof-of-concept shows a method of creating an ecommerce experience for Shopify by using modern front-end development tools and techniques, while still leveraging some of the beneficial features of the Shopify system & infrastructure. Shopify's Wordpress-like structure is as much fun to work with as Wordpress – "let's develop like it's 1999!" :-) These days we know that it can be done better.

shopify-code-snippets - A compilation of code snippets for Shopify developers.

  •    Liquid

This is a list of useful Shopify Snippets that I often reference while developing Shopify themes. Feel Free to contribute. This code adds a limited badge on products with "limited" tag on them. Add this in product template.

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