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partyparrot - :tada: :bird: Very Serious Code :tm: that generates huge slack messages with emojis.

  •    Python

Just pass the script a string of your choosing. Use the -e or --emojis flag to use a custom list of emojis.

mpv-livetweet - Send screenshots to twitter directly from mpv

  •    Lua

Good luck getting luaossl working on OS X or Windows. You can tweet up to 4 screenshots at once.

tweetentropy - Twitter as an extra entropy source

  •    Python

Twitter is a great noise source: Russian bots, Trump rants, human interactions, malware traffic and so on. (Almost) random and unpredictable content. This tool provides an extra entropy source (to be used on Linux) from the Twitter random sample feed. The script should work fine using Python2 or Python3.


  •    Javascript

First deploy to Elastic Beanstalk with eb deploy. Finally, enjoy your slack team's new aesthetic.

glitzz - two famous bots finally together as one glorious concurrent mess: glitzz.

  •    Go

glitzz is an IRC bot which is optimized for shitposting and the basic features any IRC channel would likely enjoy. You'll need a config; luckily for your lazy ass there's a sample one provided. Change it to suit your liking.