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hsweb-framework - hsweb (haʊs wɛb) 是一个用于快速搭建企业后台管理系统的基础项目,集成一揽子便捷功能如:通用增删改查,在线代码生成,权限管理,OAuth2

  •    Java

hsweb (haʊs wɛb) 是一个用于快速搭建企业后台管理系统的基础项目,集成一揽子便捷功能如:通用增删改查,在线代码生成,权限管理(可控制到列和行),动态多数据源分布式事务,动态脚本,动态定时任务,在线数据库维护等等

xmall - 基于SOA架构的分布式电商购物商城 前后端分离 前台商城:Vue全家桶 后台管理系统:Dubbo/SSM/Elasticsearch/Redis/MySQL/ActiveMQ/Shiro/Zookeeper等

  •    Java

基于SOA架构的分布式电商购物商城 前后端分离 前台商城:Vue全家桶 后台管理系统:Dubbo/SSM/Elasticsearch/Redis/MySQL/ActiveMQ/Shiro/Zookeeper等

SSM - :two_hearts: build SSM from 0 👉🏽👉🏽 distributed micro service.

  •    Java

I'll update some skills in actual development aperiodically.There are no complicated operation flows or xxx system,just some practical shares about skills. This is because I have a dependency on my jar package in the project, which is not published to the maven central factory library.

shiro-example - 跟我学Shiro(我的公众号:kaitao-1234567,我的新书:《亿级流量网站架构核心技术》)

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Chinese translation of the Apache Shiro Reference Manual(http://shiro.apache.org/reference) and the other article collection. You can also see the demos of the reference at (https://github.com/waylau/apache-shiro-1.2.x-reference-demos). 《Apache Shiro 参考手册》 中文翻译(包含了官方文档以及其他文章)

nutz-book-project - 做个平台

  •    Javascript

默认情况下, webapp模块仅依赖了core和adminlte,所以启动后只有后台可访问.

ApacheShiro - :key: Using Apache Shiro JDBC Realm with MySQL Database

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:key: Using Apache Shiro JDBC Realm with MySQL Database

EasyEE - 开源 JavaEE 企业级快速开发平台。提供了 Spring Boot, Struts2, Hibernate, MyBatis, Shiro, EasyUI 等技术,包含完整的权限管理系统等。提供自动化代码生成器。 Open source JaveEE enterprise-class rapid development of the basic platform

  •    Java

EasyEE is an open source JaveEE enterprise-class rapid development of the basic platform, provide a variety of technical options options, support Spring Boot, Hibernate, MyBatis, Struts, Shiro and other core framework. It integrates the widely used framework of JaveEE domain and EasyUI front-end framework. It provides the back-end rights management system, security management framework and common development components based on user, role and permission scheme. Provides infrastructure and specifications for enterprise-level project development.

EasyEE-Auto - EasyEE 自动化代码生成器。EasyEE Automated code generator.

  •    Java

EasyEE Auto is an automated code generator for the [EasyEE Open Source JavaEE Enterprise Rapid Development Platform] (https://github.com/ushelp/EasyEE). Based on the entity rules configuration, can be a key to quickly generate a direct working model, controller, view code. Provides code and view generation for five types of projects.

EasyShiro - 基于 RBAC 模型功能全面的 Shiro 安全集成&简化&扩展组件。Shiro integration & simplifies & Extension component based RBAC

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EasyShiro is a security extension components based Shiro. Based on the RBAC (Role Based Access Control) Web permission model based on database rights management and Web URL authorization, provides general Shiro security management support, as well as richer and more powerful function options.

grbac - 权限管理服务平台, 利用shiro权限管理设计思想, 支持单用户多角色,比RBAC的资源管理更细粒度化

  •    Go

权限管理服务平台, 利用shiro权限管理设计思想, 支持单用户多角色,比RBAC的资源管理更细粒度化

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