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active_shipping - ActiveShipping is a simple shipping abstraction library extracted from Shopify

  •    Ruby

Note: 2.x contains breaking changes, please see the changelog. Shopify will not be actively contributing to the 2.x version of this gem and is looking for maintainers.See our releases for past versions.

Shipping Agent


Shipping Agent is the web service component of the Shipper system by Structured Solutions. Shipper is a desktop application for high velocity shipment processing. There are several different Shipping Agents available in this project. Each Shipping Agent provides the interface ...

dropship - Super simple deployment tool

  •    Go

Dropship is a simple tool for installing and updating artifacts from a CDN.To setup dropship you will need to add/update the following files.

i-got-issues - Teams, buckets, and issues.

  •    Ruby

I Got Issues provides a few simple building blocks for organization and then gets out of the way so you can do your work. I Got Issues is team specific and repository agnostic so you can import issues from any number of repositories into your team's buckets.

node-canadapost - A node module for integrating with Canada Post's shipping API

  •    Javascript

This module is early in its development and has limited functionality. Feel free to contribute. The module uses your NODE_ENV environment variable to determine if it's authenticating against their production or development servers, if NODE_ENV is set to anything other than 'production' it will assume development.

php-tracking-urls - Converts package tracking numbers into URLs (UPS, FedEx, USPS, and more)

  •    PHP

PHP Package Tracking URL Library is used to convert package tracking numbers into their respective shipper's online tracking URL format. This software library is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license, and may be freely used in any project which is compatible with this license.

magento2-custom-shipping-rate - Create your own Custom Shipping rates for admin order or a predefined sets of shipping methods for frontend customers

  •    PHP

Our Magento 2 custom shipping method extension provides two essential functionality for Magento store owner to fully take control of there store shipping options by providing the ability to quickly add custom shipping rates to both admin order creation or frontend customer. Whether you are creating a new order or canceling and rewriting existing orders in Magento Admin, our admin shipping extension gives you the ability to apply a custom shipping rate, method, and description to any order. This free extension is essential for businesses that do a lot of phone orders or mail orders and want to offer special shipping cost for individual customers. With our admin shipping plugin extension changing shipping amount for a particular order is as easy as enter the shipping amount instead of choosing predefined standard shipping rates and invoice your customer as you would with any standard shipping rate.

hanzo.js - 🚀 Hanzo JavaScript SDK. Develop cutting-edge decentralized applications.

  •    CoffeeScript

Hanzo.js is a client and server-side library for Hanzo. It is a complete Ecommerce SDK for JavaScript. You can embed Hanzo.js in your application or web page or on the server with Node. Getting started is easy: you just need an API key from Hanzo and a snippet of JavaScript to get going.

spree-postal-service - Weight based calculator for Spree Commerce.

  •    Ruby

A postal service is delivers based on weight only(*). Like most post services in Europe will. This Spree extension adds a spree-calculator to model this.